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Friday, November 27, 2020
  • NFL's Regular Season Is Down 9% In Nielsen Ratings, Pandemic Issues Cited

    Earlier in the season, some Sunday afternoon games were rescheduled to Monday or Tuesday prime-time slots. Read the whole story

  • In A Tough Year, Heineken Says, Enjoy The Misery of The Holidays

    The new ad is a video montage of all those irritating annual holiday "traditions" -- like when the star atop the tree isn't right. Read the whole story

  • The QR Code Also Rises... For Now

    The rise in CTV audiences and advertising, and D2C initiatives, has also driven a surge in experimentation with QR codes to drive viewers to … Read the whole story

  • Pandemic TV News Images Of Morgues: Too Much Or Too Little?

    Recent reports from New York City say more than 600 bodies, due to COVID-19, have gone unclaimed -- and we have the video. Read the whole story

  • Developing Audio Strategy Is Critical For Brands Today

    Over three-quarters of American internet users aged 13+ years listen to music via streaming, signaling new opportunities for brands to innovate with audio. Read the whole story