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Monday, March 18, 2024
  • DirecTV Offers Discount With Bold 'No Locals' TV Station Strategy

    DirecTV says the new consumer plan, called "No Locals," could mean a savings of $140 a year. New and existing satellite customers can opt … Read the whole story

  • YouTube Enforces AI-Generated Video Labels For Creators

    To enforce transparency around what users see, YouTube is now requiring creators to publicly disclose when they upload synthetic content, including generative AI, that … Read the whole story

  • Where Your Advertising Work Comes To Life: It's That Time Of Day

    TV advertising still has a strong impact on consumers. But when ads are consumed has a greater impact on whether they really work optimally. Read the whole story

  • Why Neuro Is The Future Of Programmatic

    In a first, Reset Digital has agreed to provide its proprietary neuro-programmatic data to another ad tech partner: relatively new, but well-capitalized audience aggregator … Read the whole story

  • Is YouTube A Streamer? Does It Matter?

    In the not-too-distant past, YouTube content wasn't "TV," since it wasn't very sophisticated. Today, I watch a lot of YouTube content as part of … Read the whole story