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Friday, May 17, 2024
  • Legacy TV-Backed Sports Streamer Now Has A Name: Venu Sports

    Venu Sports, slated to launch in fall 2024, will be made available directly to consumers via a new app. Subscribers will also have the … Read the whole story

  • Premium Long-Form Video Captures More Attention Than Digital Media

    Viewers tend to spend more time viewing ads that appear in cinema, linear television and connected television. Read the whole story

  • Does Nielsen's 'Distributor Gauge' Tell A Good Story For Legacy Media?

    Nielsen's effort to show a complete picture with its new "Media Distributor Gauge" totals all viewing from all platforms - streaming, linear and otherwise … Read the whole story

  • Netflix Builds Ad Tech - What Happens To Microsoft?

    After solely relying on Microsoft for its ad-tech platform, Netflix said this week it will build its own ad platform to give advertisers new … Read the whole story

  • Principal Media: Marketers, You Better Get Educated

    Increasingly, ad agencies are acting as principals rather than agents, meaning they acquire and own the media they resell to their clients. Keep reading … Read the whole story