2012 Ad Spending: Mid-Year Update

The Center for Media Research has completed its mid-year update of  its 2012 compilation and review of the wide array of spending forecasts from ad agencies, financial institutions and other media observers. To make it easier for your planning, we compiled and updated all the publicly available latest projections into one comprehensive, useful and easy-to-use report.


The 2012 Mid-Year Update Report:

  • Cautious optimism for rest of year
  • Gains in new media to drive growth
  • Impact of politics and Olympics spend
  • Total TV, cable spending going up
  • Internet advertising gains speed
  • Big rise in video
  • Newspapers, magazines suffer
  • Radio up slightly
  • Out of home continues up
  • We analyze all the latest research 

2012 Ad Spending Outlook Mid-Year Update is the ultimate consensus study and provides media spending projections to help you make smarter business decisions related to your planning needs this year. "In the 2012 Ad Spending Outlook Mid-Year Update, we include all the updated forecasts from the major sources so that you can see all of the insight in one place,” says Chuck Martin, Director of the Center for Media Research. “We did all the work for you by updating and compiling all of the ad spending data into one report.” In addition to providing the updated projected 2012 ad spending, the report provides the latest updates for 2011 spending.


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