Ad Exchange Study: Adoption, Market Perception & Future Plans

Ad Exchange/Ad Networks Study: Adoption & Future Plans


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Media planners, buyers, and brands face multiple options today when analyzing and selecting advertising exchanges and demand side platforms (DSPs).  What are the preferred ad network types by product category and what is each type of ad networks best used for? This study, conducted in conjunction with Dynamic Logic, covers a wide range of issues around ad exchanges and networks, including:


-- Reasons for buying ad exchanges and demand-side platforms

-- The pros and cons of each platform

-- First choices of media tactic by product category

-- Best media tactic type based on advertising goals

-- Best media placement for making most of ad budget

-- First choice of those who use ad exchanges and networks

-- Comparisons of those involved with ad networks to those not yet involved

-- Best uses of general ad networks

-- Best network types to generate awareness

-- Best choices for driving searches

-- Where spending on ad networks is headed over next 12 months

-- Which ad networks clients are requesting


The Center for Media Research at MediaPost Communications conducted the study to help media planners, buyers and brands determine the best uses of ad exchanges and ad networks and which are most effective for which categories. The study is based on primary research conducted across MediaPost subscribers with input from 331 participants, including 218 with media planning, buying, approving responsibility.


The report covers ad networks topics, including:


-- Identifying the best ad networks for reaching target market 

-- Best uses of general ad networks

-- Finding the best ad network for reaching purchasers

-- Current ad exchange use patterns

-- State of current ad exchange use

-- Advantages of using ad exchanges

-- Success criteria for ad exchanges

-- Noted disadvantage of using ad exchanges

-- Planned future use of ad exchanges by those not yet using them

-- Spending increases and decreases planned by ad network

-- Best things learned by those using ad exchanges and networks

-- Issues and downsides with ad networks

-- Percentage of budgets going to each type of ad network


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