Mobile, Tablet Study

A study of mobile as a platform, inlcuding the role of tablets, to help media planners, brands, and media buyers better understand where mobile fits today and in the future. Twenty-eight page study involves a survey of MediaPost subscribers with a focus on those who plan, buy and approve media. Focus on mobile ad formats being used now and 12 months from now, mobile budgeting plans for the next year and success metrics. The study addresses:


  • What portion of ad budgets is going to mobile and tablets?
  • What are the top mobile ad formats?
  • What are the least mobile ad formats used?
  • What are the top success measurements for mobile?
  • What are the least of success meausrements used?
  • What are the top issues and challenges limiting investment in mobile?
  • What are the top success measurements for tablets?
  • What are the perceived marekting/advertising benefits of tablets?


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