How Marketers Can Upskill While Recruitment Recovers

The pandemic has shaken and stirred the economic recovery, leaving many with a sense of uncertainty going into the fourth quarter. Questions abound, with one of them being what will the job market look like for data and marketing professionals in the future? According to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), the current opportunities are at 41% for businesses recruiting in both fields, with 45% of those hiring coming from a large business, 25% from a medium size, and 25% from a small business. DMA also reports the future of business recruiting at 39% in both fields, with 54% of medium-sized companies appearing the most optimistic about their future job openings. One thing in common for both current and future outlooks in both fields is, small businesses are feeling the most negative about their future job openings. The importance of upskilling for the industry, employers, and candidates (as relayed in the International Labour Organization guidelines and the Department for Education's Employer Skills Survey via means such as Skills Bootcamps, Traineeships, and Apprenticeships, etc.), will aid in the stabilization and recovery of the economy. Top marketing and digital in-demand skills for 2021 are 1. Effective communication, 2. Digital skills and, 3. Understand the customer and adapt. Especially considering the importance of technology in the everyday lives of consumers, employers, and candidates.