Monetization Of Video


When given a choice of three general pay models, consumers are most likely to prefer free with ads— potentially as an alternative to yet another paid subscription.

Almost no respondents who viewed a show recently on linear through an MVPD considered the ad load reasonable—and a third felt it was unreasonable. All of which may contribute to MVPD service’s low rating on value for the money.

As just one example, if Netflix is considering including ads in its service, the results show that the monthly subscription fee would need to be significantly lower than the current fee—to avoid losing subscribers.

This year sees a 10-point jump in the proportion rating a free trial important for any new service— consumers want to try before they commit.

A full four in 10 18-34 year olds have canceled at least one subscription to an online TV platform in the past year alone—putting the pressure on these services to demonstrate their value early and often.