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Tuesday, April 12

8:00 AM
8:45 AM

9:00 AM
A brief look at the changes and challenges facing the television and marketing industries in an age when technology is both lending a hand and getting in the way of progress

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Anne MacDonald, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Travelers 
9:30 AM
The idea of precision ad targeting is as old as the classic John Wanamaker line (“I know that half my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half”), but television continues to be bought and sold on the basis of crude surrogates like age/sex demographics. When will the age of individually targetable TV advertising finally arrives? Who might make it happen? What are the necessary changes in an increasingly complicated TV advertising marketplace to make TV a more precise tool for marketers?
Seth Haberman, Founder & CEO, Visible World 
Michael Kubin, Executive Vice President, Invidi Technologies 
Anne MacDonald, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Travelers 
Dave Morgan, Founder and CEO, Simulmedia, Inc. 
10:15 AM
For years, agencies have been replacing the word “television” with “video” in their buying groups, but is Madison Avenue really ready for the concept of video-neutral planning, targeting consumers across a multitude of screens on-the-air, online and on-the-go? Can, or should video advertising be planned and bought as a format vs. a distribution medium?
Teri Gallo, VP, Programmatic Practice, Mediabrands Audience Platform 
Jeff Minsky, Director of Emerging Platforms, Omnicom Media Group 
John Nitti, EVP, Zenith Media 
Chris Pyne, Chief Strategy Officer, MediaCom US 
11:00 AM
11:15 AM
The Council for Research Excellence will present preliminary findings of a study of users across video platforms and formats.

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Richard Zackon, President, PCN Coaching 
11:30 AM
Are college students really dropping their cable subscriptions and abandoning traditional TV for over-the-top solutions, smartphones and computers? What screens are they using, what are they watching and how (and where) are they getting their content? In the midst of a rapidly changing video landscape, a panel of local college students will deliver a dose of reality as they discuss their TV and video consumption behaviors, sources and choices.
12:15 PM
Set-top box data opportunities are beginning to play a role today in helping agencies and marketers drive more efficient reach and plan more effectively.  How can you leverage new data sources to manage a broader portfolio of ad inventory--without sacrificing brand fit? How can we move beyond general target buckets—where everyone is just an age and sex characteristic—with an end goal of getting a better return on investment?

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Jen Soch, SVP Activation Director, Advanced TV, MediaVest 
Terese Herbig, SVP, Sales & Marketing, TRA 
Cathy Hetzel, President, Advanced Media & Information Division, Rentrak Corporation 
Tara Maitra, SVP, GM of Content and Media Sales, TIVO 
George Shababb, President, Kantar Media Audiences NA 
1:00 PM
1:15 PM
 Presented by Acxiom

2:00 PM
Reuben Steiger, SVP and General Manager of IPG Media Lab in New York, will present a series of case studies illustrating how video story-telling is evolving as content and viewers traverse screens, and what the implications are for advertisers, agencies and content creators. Following his presentation, there will be a panel discussion focusing on the creative process, building an audience, the roles of different outlets in revealing the narrative, and what the value proposition is to potential sponsors.

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Reuben Steiger, Principal, Method 
Brian Clark, Founder and CEO, GMD Studios 
Steve Coulson, Partner, Creative Director, Campfire 
Noah Harlan, CEO, Two Bulls LLC 
Denise Smith, SVP, Group Media Director, Universal McCann 
Steve Wax, Member, IAB Agency Advisory Board 
3:00 PM
Historical set top box viewing patterns, genre affinity audience flow and individual commercial audience delivery guarantees are concepts beginning to permeate the national TV buying process. This panel will explore how the leading practitioners of these arcane sciences are able to utilize set top box viewing data in combination with sales representation of commercial TV inventory to deliver more targeted television campaigns.

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Mitch Oscar, Programmatic TV Strategist, US International Media 
Maureen Bosetti, Chief Investment Officer, Initiative 
Matt DelRe, Manager, TV Ads, Google, Inc. 
Chip Scully, National Sales Director, Microsoft Advertising TV Network 
Jon Werther, President, National Media Group, Meredith Corp. 
3:45 PM
4:00 PM
Brian Levine, President of Innerscope Research, presents an update of a model for understanding how the brain relates to media content across various screens, and the cognitive, emotional and physiological implications for marketers, agencies and the media.

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Brian Levine, President and Co-Founder, Innerscope Research 
4:30 PM
Ever since the earliest interactive TV test beds – QUBE, Full-Service Network, etc. – the TV industry has promised Madison Avenue that it was on the cusp of a new era of interactivity that would transform the television set into a two-way story-telling and selling machine. That was a quarter century ago. After decades of fits and false starts, is interactive TV finally becoming a reality?
Rob Aksman, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Designer, BrightLine 
Pat Ivers, Co-Founder,Executive Vice President, Advertising Sales, The Band 
Lou Mastria, CIPP, CISSP, Executive Director, Digital Advertising Alliance 
Larry Samuels, GM, Advanced TV, Dish Network 
5:15 PM