Denise Smith

Universal McCann SVP, Group Media Director

Denise joined UM in 2010 as Senior Vice President, Group Media Director. At UM, Denise has been instrumental in leading the Strategic Media Planning for Jeep, Chrysler and FIAT brands.
Denise is an advocate of Connections Planning, concentrating on the insights of how consumers, communication channels and brands interrelate. An approach that provides holistic communication plans.

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Panel: The Transmedium Is the Message: The Era Of Transmedia Storytelling
Date/Time: 2:00 PM
Reuben Steiger, SVP and General Manager of IPG Media Lab in New York, will present a series of case studies illustrating how video story-telling is evolving as content and viewers traverse screens, and what the implications are for advertisers, agencies and content creators. Following his presentation, there will be a panel discussion focusing on the creative process, building an audience, the roles of different outlets in revealing the narrative, and what the value proposition is to potential sponsors.

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