CTV Boom Explained: An Exclusive Interview that Answers Why You Should Be Looking Into CTV Ads

Author: Reid Mitnick, Sales Director of Fiksu

In post-lockdown times, efficiency becomes a central point in running campaigns on all media, including connected TV. Today, we’re talking with Reid Mitnick, Fiksu’s Sales Director about BidMind, the latest self-serve platform for marketing across environments to see how its features help brands increase their CTV ads’ GRP.

Tell us about yourself. What was the path you took to get to where  you are today?

Like many of us in the industry, I didn’t start my career in ad-tech right away. In the beginning, I did brief stints on Wall Street and worked for a professional hockey team. I believe those were the years when I learned about structure, discipline, and how people make decisions.
In 2000, I joined Digital Media. After that, I worked for the WWE and a travel network.  However, the biggest lessons were learned when I was a part of several ad-tech startups.

What inspired you to join BidMind by Fiksu?

I had already dipped my toe in CTV at my previous role and was excited about the advantages of digital ads with the simplicity of TV. Also, Fiksu made a very positive impression with its great technology and leadership in introducing innovation to the industry. All this created a great opportunity I couldn’t pass up. So I decided to join the team to contribute my vision and experience to the company’s growth.

What do you hope to achieve in your new role?

Now, my primary aim at the company is to set the foundation for what I believe will be a world-class platform. The main idea is to bring even more focus on advertisers to help brands of all sizes reach their most ambitious goals.

What do you feel is BidMind's biggest strength right now?

No man is an island. It’s even more true about large-scale ad-tech companies. I believe that the network a company builds around itself with people and partners is what determines success. BidMind has aligned with the industry’s key players, from premium publishers and data exchange to brand safety experts. These partnerships enable us to provide impeccable services to our clients.

Fiksu has just re-shaped its strategy to CTV with the release of BidMind, what are your expectations from this shift?  How has the company evolved throughout the years?  What are the key markets which you are going to focus on next?

Until recently, Fiksu’s prior focus had been on the App Install World. But as consumers continue to “cut the cord” and TV consumption is increasingly moving to Over the Top (OTT) channels, the ad-tech industry is being reshaped, too.

BidMind by Fiksu takes the best data and location practices from the mobile app world and melds them with the benefits of advanced TV. We’ve got exciting expansion plans, as we’re preparing to start working on insurance, automotive, gaming, and the fast-growing DTC markets.


What are the implications of the current crisis for Fiksu’s performance?

I know that many industries are predicted to undergo significant losses. In OTT the situation is different. With people stuck at home, CTV channels have witnessed phenomenal growth. As viewers get more comfortable with streaming, advertisers begin to reassess their ad placements in favor of advanced TV. The only challenge CTV will face to meet the advertisers’ demands is the need to fill in for the loss of live sports, live events, and OOH.

What do you think CTV/OTT  industry's biggest challenges will be during the upcoming years?

The rule says: “Where the money goes, fraud always follows.” Scams are going to be one of the largest challenges the industry will have to deal with. It’s imperative to provide advertisers with a sense of security and reliability.  Brands need to be confident that advertising on CTV  is just as safe as it is on traditional TV.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Well, this lockdown has altered a lot of our plans. And we had to deal with these alterations fast. For example, with industry events canceled, my team needed to rework our strategy and start relying on our social media channel more heavily. Another change we had to introduce at a rapid pace was remote working. It took us some time and effort to establish productive cooperation, but we managed to do that pretty effectively. I think we deserve a pat on the back.

How do you learn?

For me, it is always fun. I learn by hanging out with people way smarter than me. By continually asking them questions on how and why they do what they do, I gain more insights than I would from a self-development book or course.

What are you really into outside of work?

This one is easy! My two favorite hobbies are eating and sleeping. Luckily I am good at both! But seriously, I have a passion for hockey and can’t wait for the rink to re-open.

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