Vizio Advertises Adult-Accessible Technology

by , Dec 9, 2013, 4:22 PM
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For those of a generation that would not be considered “digital natives,” the world of consumer electronics can be very complicated and intimidating. Thankfully, for them, there’s Vizio.

In its first television campaign for the brand, independent advertising agency David&Goliath showcases the company’s M-Series of televisions as workable for everyone with a series of vignettes to show the TVs are “So easy, even an adult can figure it out.”

“[Vizio] is a brand that’s always been about making intuitive products,” David Angelo, founder and chief creative officer of the agency, tells Marketing Daily. “When you think about the category, the other companies are constantly trying to ‘out-tech’ each other. [Vizio] thinks about the other side of the screen, rather than what’s inside.”

The series of three spots for Vizio’s M-Series smart TVs follow the story of a father and his tech-savvy seven-year-old daughter. In the first spot, the dad is struggling with his new computer when the girl fixes the problem with a simple keystroke. She does the same with his phone. When she goes to watch the television, the dad takes the remote and sets up Netflix for her. As the text heralds the TV as “so easy an adult figure it out,” a voiceover says the TVs are “beautifully simple.”

The two spots following show the dad quickly trying to hide the fact that he’s been listening (and singing along to) to his daughter’s Pandora pop station, and a vignette in which the dad figures out how to transfer a recording of his other daughter dancing to the big screen. (That accomplishment elicits a slow-clap and proclamation that “the student has become the master” from his tech-savvy older daughter.)

“Whenever I’m trying to figure out some [new technology] my 11-year-old immediately gets it and doesn’t have to think so long or hard about it,” Angelo says of the truth behind the campaign. “Through the three spots, you’re watching the relationship develop and the dad become more tech-savvy.”

The campaign is the first from the agency since winning Vizio’s business in August. The idea of touting the televisions as technologically advanced, but simple to use is an important factor in separating Vizio from higher-priced competitors.

“At the end of the day, all people want from a TV is a great picture and a way to access the tools they want easily,” Angelo says. “Our main story is about ‘Beautifully Smart.’ We’re going to provide advanced technology, but we’re going to make it user-friendly.”

The campaign will run through the college football season on ESPN’s networks and on Hulu into the first quarter of 2014.

1 comment on "Vizio Advertises Adult-Accessible Technology".

  1. Clinton Gallagher from virtualCableTV
    commented on: December 10, 2013 at 2:20 p.m.
    People in the business of TV that read comments such as "all people want from a TV (fill in the blank) know they are reading the words of a desperate manufacturer. VIZIO is perhaps the weakest of the remaining TV manufacturers. Their partnership with Yahoo! Connected TV has proven to be a failure because YCTV is itself a failure. Few to no developers code for YCTV as they know the YCTV software called KONtx is reused old JavaScript Yahoo acquired as far back as the late 90s circa Windows 95. In other words: garbage and they refused to support a browser which was the dumbest decision ever those of us heard them rationalize by saying "what people really want from a TV (is no browser) so they can "keep it easy." Insulting the intelligence of the customer was a big mistake. Furthermore put a VIZIO next to a Samsung, Sharp or other quality display and you will see the lowest quality picture of all the sets on the market. The best move for VIZIO is to start selling white box TV parts and assemblies to developers and integrators as they are no longer competitive, cannot possible be profitable and besides, everybody knows what people want from a TV...

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