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Karl Greenberg writes about automotive, consumer-packaged-goods, sports, and travel for “Marketing Daily.” Prior to this, he was the automotive editor at "Brandweek" magazine. He was also the Internet advertising technology writer for "Adweek," and petrochemical editor at "Chemical Market Reporter". You can reach Karl at

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  • Facebook Adds Dedicated Shopping Section in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/13/2015

    Facebook has two new e-commerce features, including a dedicated shopping section offering users a way to find products outside of their News Feed. The company says a small number of retailers will list products within this section, according to Matt Idema, head of monetization product marketing at Facebook. Products will be customized for each user based on their interests, he said. Facebook is also hosting a retailer's product catalog within its Canvas ad offering.

  • Kombucha Makers Urging Regulators To Rethink Alcohol Content in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/13/2015

    Kombucha tea, that weird hipster juice, with the weird taste and scary bubbles, happens, as do eastern European ferments like Kvass, to contain a touch of alcohol. Makers have to include a special note on their label indicating as much. Kombucha companies are now trying to convince the government to adopt new alcohol content tests, claiming that the current system spurs fines and enforcement actions from regulators needlessly. Sales of the product have increased almost five times between 2013 and 2015.

  • Former Fiat N.A. Chief Leaves FCA in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/13/2015

    Jason Stoicevich, who oversaw FCA's Fiat brand, resigned Oct. 7. An FCA spokesman confirmed the resignation, which had not been announced. The resignation came two days after Stoicevich was appointed head of fleet operations and small business sales by FCA, but had oversight of the Fiat brand taken away and handed to Dodge brand head Tim Kuniskis. He had been with FCA for a decade.

  • Bacardi Launches New Campaign in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/13/2015

    Bacardi rum has played up its Puerto Rican provenance in recent campaigns, with campaigns shot in a famous old fort in San Juan, full of ghosts of the American past. Time for a change. The company is moving in a new creative direction to reach younger people. While the new campaign sticks to the "Bacardi Untameable Since 1862" tag, a new ad features a mobile house party that travels scenic highways and byways with revelers inside.

  • Volkswagen's Near Term Is Murky; Ditto For Others? in Marketing: Automotive on 10/13/2015

    The latest in Diesel Gate, wherein Volkswagen faces the anger of the world and contumely of the press over its emissions deceit: could other automakers have also altered their tailpipe results? Reportage is out now that several other diesel nameplates perhaps emit more NOx in real-world driving than in test mode. Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Mazda and Mitsubishi have, apparently, been outed by tests at a firm called Emissions Analytics. The tests seem to show some European diesel models emit up to 20 times the smog-causing oxides of nitrogen as EU rules permit.

  • Toyota Drives Tacoma To Hispanic Market  in Marketing Daily on 10/12/2015

    Can Toyota find new space in the reactivated market for mid-size trucks? One big opportunity is among Latinos. They are the growth demographic for all new-vehicle sales, and particularly for trucks.

  • Memorable Logos Drive Brand Affinity  in Marketing Daily on 10/09/2015

    The "Logos Now" study looks at how consumers perceive logo styles and attributes, and also reveals which logos are most memorable, what makes them so, and what kinds of personality traits logo styles evoke.

  • Why So Sad? Facebook 'Reaction' Emojis To Replace 'Dislike' in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/09/2015

    Facebook confirmed is is now testing a slate of emojis to replace "dislike." Mark Zuckerberg, in a video at the jump, says the idea is just about giving more options to express yourself. The test is currently limited to users in Ireland and Spain. If the results are positive to the new reaction buttons, the replacement could roll out to the rest of the billion or so Facebook users.

  • VW Must Hang Fire On 2016 Diesels in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/09/2015

    Volkswagen of America shouldn't look forward to selling 2.0 Litre TDI diesel engine-powered 2016 in the near future. The EPA plans to subject the vehicles to a battery of tests to ensure they comply with U.S. emissions laws before sales can begin. Chris Grundler, director of the EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality said the agency's process to certify VW's 2016 model year lineup powered by the 2.0-liter engines will take "a matter of months" to complete.

  • Jump Shot: Sponsorship Spend In NBA Hit Record $739M In 2014-15 in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/09/2015

    Sponsorship spending on the NBA and its 30 teams hit a record $739 million last season, up from $679 million (8.9%) the previous year, according to the just released IEG Sponsorship Report from research and consulting firm IEG, Chicago. The figure is also up from $572 million in 2011, $610 million in 2012 and $642 million in 2013. Anheuser-Busch was the league's most active sponsor last season, followed by State Farm , Gatorade, adidas, Coca-Cola, MillerCoors, Kia Motors, Spalding, Pepsi and Geico.

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  • The Farther Up The Ladder, The Farther Behind The Eight Ball For Marketers by Karl Greenberg (Marketing Daily on 06/19/2015)

    John, thanks for the comment. remember that movie from the sixties, (you probably don't, which is ironic in this context) "Wild in the Streets"? it was a dystopian look at youth obsession, in which youth is seen as the sole repository not only of beauty, but wisdom. The president is a teenager, but his advisors are even younger, as I recall. There is a little of that going on. But age should be  irrelevent to the discussion, in any case. It's about the kind of wisdom that is worth a fortune if you can find it. And, honeslty, that brings me to another (off) topic discussion: we under-value, in higher education, the kinds of academic disciplines that encourage intellectual synthesis (dare I say the "h" word? We encourage prospective students, rather, to go into analytical studies and scoff at pretty much anything else, relegating these other scholarship journeys to 'hobby' academics, like the totemic basket weaving major. Marketing is ultimately the study of human behavior, and really that doesn't change all that much, and does not adhere to Moore's law, needless to say.      

  • Listen To The Lady by Karl Greenberg (Marketing: Automotive on 06/02/2015)

    You know, I had a brand I won't mention, on borrow a couple of years ago. This his hilraious: I ws trying to get to newark airport, by itslef a near impossible task. Teh thing told me to take a a bridge

  • Volvo Is Global, But How Swedish Is It? by Karl Greenberg (Marketing: Automotive on 05/12/2015)

    Hah. if that were discovered to be the case...I shouldn't be too surprise. 

  • New Film, 'A Faster Horse,' Takes You Where Few Get To Go by Karl Greenberg (Marketing: Automotive on 04/22/2015)

    Good point. At this point they are just doing the festival circuit. The next step for them is to get a distributor, which is what these festivals are all about. As soon as they do, I will put that note out there on my internets

  • Cadillac, Chrysler, And Objectivism by Karl Greenberg (Marketing: Automotive on 04/14/2015)

    My wife. Though she wouldn't admit it. good point. My corner just threw in the towel. 

  • Cadillac, Chrysler, And Objectivism by Karl Greenberg (Marketing: Automotive on 04/14/2015)

    That's facile, but yyou're s software guy so you're a lot smarter than I. I won't start to get into economic theory with you, because that would be a zero-sum game for me. But you're right, I could have been clearer about it. As I wrote about the 300,  "attitude" is baked into that nameplate. And I do I think a certain "screw you" is part of the Chrysler 300 story, in a good way, starting with the way the car looks and drives. It is an aggressive car, even with Chrysler having softened the lines a bit and maybe lowering the waistline a bit. That aside, attitude, swagger, winning, all of those things mean nohting unless there's an oppononent. Sorry, I don't see how else that can work. The opponent has to lose. You really thnk millions of people are going to buy the Manny v Mayweather fight next month so they can see both of them win?

  • Re-Brand? Indiana Will Have To Un-Brand by Karl Greenberg (Marketing Daily on 04/10/2015)

    Paula, I hope you're wrong, though I know we're probably heading in that direction. Still, I just don't think states like Indiana have leverage versus the corproations they depend on. When all you have to offer a as an economic incentive to "live, work and do business here" is that you're cheap and you have a hoosier state of mind, a great motor speedway, and Bloomington,  you're not in the best negotiating position. Did I mention Bloomington? there is that.   

  • Is General Motors' Warranty Roll-back Risky Business? by Karl Greenberg (Marketing: Automotive on 03/17/2015)

    good point. I hate to say it but I think GM had to find savings because of pressure from activist investors whose mouthpiece is wearing the proverbial golden leash.

  • Cadillac Is New York, And New York Is Luxury by Karl Greenberg (Marketing: Automotive on 02/23/2015)

    That's a good point. I haven't seen that ad. I need to see the TV spot again because I can't remember if he's credited there. I don't think so.

  • Newcastle's 'Band of Brands' Falls Short, Like All Beer Marketing by Larry Dobrow (Video Critique on 01/15/2015)

    Well, hell, I liked it. I think the "The United States of winning" bit was a poke at Chrysler. I don't know where you come off saying Shania Twain is a satirist.

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