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Karl Greenberg writes about automotive, consumer-packaged-goods, sports, and travel for “Marketing Daily.” Prior to this, he was the automotive editor at "Brandweek" magazine. He was also the Internet advertising technology writer for "Adweek," and petrochemical editor at "Chemical Market Reporter". You can reach Karl at

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  • Amazon To Take On Alibaba For Chinese Factory Direct in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 02/10/2016 Inc. may be planning more than just a shipping and logistic business versus UPS and FedEx. A 2013 report to Amazon's senior management team proposed something much bigger for the company's Fulfillment By Amazon service. The report mulled a global delivery network that controls the flow of goods from factories in China and India to U.S. and U.K. customers. The project, called Dragon Boat, is proceeding, according to a person familiar with the initiative.

  • More U.S. Auto Buyers Falling Behind On Payments in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 02/10/2016

    More expensive loans aren't the only reason for automakers to worry, industry analysts are warning. There are signs that more consumers are having trouble handling the loans they've already taken out. With a record number of Americans buying new vehicles last year, lenders logged a record amount of debt on their books. And a growing number of those buyers are falling behind on payments, according to Experian Automotive. While 30-day delinquencies are actually down, the number of motorists two months behind on payments grew sharply.

  • PN Gadgil Taps Bollywood 'Bad Boy' in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 02/10/2016

    Legacy jewelry brand PN Gadgil has unveiled a new corporate campaign featuring Bollywood bad boy Salman Khan. The actor has been endorsing PN Gadgil since last year, but this is the first campaign he has appeared in for the brand after a controversial hit-and-run case verdict. Khan last featured in the jewelry brand's ad to promote a 2015 movie. The new campaign was created by JWT.

  • Snickers Tops Super Bowl 50 Advertising Celebrity E-Poll in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 02/10/2016

    Marilyn Monroe remains one of the worlds best-known stars more than 60 years after her death. She proved it again during Super Bowl 50, when she appeared in a commercial for Snickers as part of the brand's "You're Not You When You're Hungry" campaign. Of 46 celebrities who appeared in 24 of the 57 ads that ran before and during Super Bowl 50 on CBS, Monroe came out on top. She earned an E-Score of 100 and garnering 81% "awareness," according to research, marketing and consulting firm E-Poll Market Research, Los Angeles.

  • Record $300 Million Net Loss For McDonald's In Japan in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 02/10/2016

    McDonald's has posted its worst annual results in Japan since going public there 15 years ago. The company reported a net loss of 34.704 billion yen - around $303 million. Last year, sales at McDonald's Japan stores were down around 15% from 2014, the company says. Thank a series of scandals, starting in 2014, when video footage emerged that seemed to show workers at a Chinese supplier of chicken nuggets mishandling and using out-of-date meat.

  • Ram Trucks Win, Slow Process Loses On Automotive Web Sites in Marketing Daily on 02/09/2016

    Arianne Walker, senior director of marketing analytics at J.D. Power, points out that the Super Bowl is the acid test, since that is the one time, perhaps apart from major product launches, that OEM Web sites are likely to get sacked.

  • Here's IBM's $1.9 Billion Digital Ad Agency, iX in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 02/09/2016

    IBM wants to own customer experience, and has gone on an agency buying spree to do it. Its in-house digital agency, Interactive Experience (iX), with revenues of $1.9 billion, last week acquired Ohio-based marketing and creative agency Resource/Ammirati, Berlin-based digital marketing agency Aperto, and Dusseldorf-based digital shop All will retain their brands and operate as subsidiaries within the agency. What the agencies get is IBM's analytics and data juggernaut, and access to IBM's artificial intelligence colossus Watson. And they get broader business strategy and design capabilities.

  • Supplements Big Growth Opportunity For Supermarkets in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 02/09/2016

    Industry experts and natural product associations say grocery retailers can make a lot on healthy pills. It's not small change, but $37 billion, in the rapidly growing category that includes vitamins, minerals, herbs, sports and nutrition, and other specialty products. Today mainstream retailers sell less than a third of the category, according to Eric Pierce, director of strategy and insights for "Supermarket News" sister publication "New Hope Media 360."

  • Volkswagen To Give Diesel Owners Compensation in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 02/09/2016

    Kenneth Feinberg, the specialist whom Volkswagen has hired to put together a compensation package for U.S. owners of about 600,000 diesel-powered vehicles, says he expects to be eventually making some very generous payments. But the timing is up in the air, Feinberg tells the German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine," until VW can first come to an agreement to move forward with repairs for those vehicles - which were equipped with so-called "defeat devices" meant to cheat on diesel emissions tests.

  • Office Parks Becoming Office Graveyards in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 02/09/2016

    All of those gleaming black glass buildings in office parks belted by interstates may soon be gleaming sepulchers. Partly because shoppers are favoring ritzier malls or shopping online, corporate offices are moving back into cities, leaving behind big buildings that nobody wants.

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  • The Joy Of Stupid by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 01/25/2016)

    Life without coffee is no life at all - Joseph Conrad. Or maybe it was iggy pop, but whatever

  • Star-Spangled Speaking: Sarah Palin, Unplugged by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 01/21/2016)

    for poesy alone can tell her dreams, with the fine spell of words, alone can save imagination from the sable charm and dumnb enchantement. 

  • Spoiled Little Boy-cott by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 12/14/2015)

    cuz if we don't legalize heroin the only ones using it will be criminals. 

  • Toyota Drives Tacoma To Hispanic Market by Karl Greenberg (Marketing Daily on 10/12/2015)

    yes, that's a good point. I need to rewatch

  • The Farther Up The Ladder, The Farther Behind The Eight Ball For Marketers by Karl Greenberg (Marketing Daily on 06/19/2015)

    John, thanks for the comment. remember that movie from the sixties, (you probably don't, which is ironic in this context) "Wild in the Streets"? it was a dystopian look at youth obsession, in which youth is seen as the sole repository not only of beauty, but wisdom. The president is a teenager, but his advisors are even younger, as I recall. There is a little of that going on. But age should be  irrelevent to the discussion, in any case. It's about the kind of wisdom that is worth a fortune if you can find it. And, honeslty, that brings me to another (off) topic discussion: we under-value, in higher education, the kinds of academic disciplines that encourage intellectual synthesis (dare I say the "h" word? We encourage prospective students, rather, to go into analytical studies and scoff at pretty much anything else, relegating these other scholarship journeys to 'hobby' academics, like the totemic basket weaving major. Marketing is ultimately the study of human behavior, and really that doesn't change all that much, and does not adhere to Moore's law, needless to say.      

  • Listen To The Lady by Karl Greenberg (Marketing: Automotive on 06/02/2015)

    You know, I had a brand I won't mention, on borrow a couple of years ago. This his hilraious: I ws trying to get to newark airport, by itslef a near impossible task. Teh thing told me to take a a bridge

  • Volvo Is Global, But How Swedish Is It? by Karl Greenberg (Marketing: Automotive on 05/12/2015)

    Hah. if that were discovered to be the case...I shouldn't be too surprise. 

  • New Film, 'A Faster Horse,' Takes You Where Few Get To Go by Karl Greenberg (Marketing: Automotive on 04/22/2015)

    Good point. At this point they are just doing the festival circuit. The next step for them is to get a distributor, which is what these festivals are all about. As soon as they do, I will put that note out there on my internets

  • Cadillac, Chrysler, And Objectivism by Karl Greenberg (Marketing: Automotive on 04/14/2015)

    My wife. Though she wouldn't admit it. good point. My corner just threw in the towel. 

  • Cadillac, Chrysler, And Objectivism by Karl Greenberg (Marketing: Automotive on 04/14/2015)

    That's facile, but yyou're s software guy so you're a lot smarter than I. I won't start to get into economic theory with you, because that would be a zero-sum game for me. But you're right, I could have been clearer about it. As I wrote about the 300,  "attitude" is baked into that nameplate. And I do I think a certain "screw you" is part of the Chrysler 300 story, in a good way, starting with the way the car looks and drives. It is an aggressive car, even with Chrysler having softened the lines a bit and maybe lowering the waistline a bit. That aside, attitude, swagger, winning, all of those things mean nohting unless there's an oppononent. Sorry, I don't see how else that can work. The opponent has to lose. You really thnk millions of people are going to buy the Manny v Mayweather fight next month so they can see both of them win?

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