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Karl Greenberg writes about automotive, consumer-packaged-goods, sports, and travel for “Marketing Daily.” Prior to this, he was the automotive editor at "Brandweek" magazine. He was also the Internet advertising technology writer for "Adweek," and petrochemical editor at "Chemical Market Reporter". You can reach Karl at

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  • Audi Signs As Official Auto Partner Of MLS in Marketing Daily on 03/06/2015

    Millennials love Major League Soccer; more and more affluent people are Millennials; more and more affluent people love MLS. And there you have a nice syllogism for a luxury auto marketer.

  • Mini Goes Upscale With Countryman Park Lane in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 03/05/2015

    Mini makes good money on its model variants (such as the John Cooper Works). Now it is hoping to get a piece of the booming compact luxury segment with its Countryman Park Lane. Adding a luxury model to the Countryman line-up makes sense as it had its best sales year on record. The Park Lane is a new look for the Mini portfolio. While it's a new look, it's not entirely new to the brand. Park Lane is one of London's most prestigious address located in the borough of Mayfair.

  • More Women, Minorities In Fidelity's 'MIllionaires In The Making' Category in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 03/05/2015

    Chronically underpaid women, take heart. The millionaires-in-the-making include more women and minorities than today's millionaires, according to the survey of 1,064 investors with $50,000 to more than $10 million in total investable assets. The survey was conducted by Bellomy Research for Fidelity Investments to try to pinpoint affluent investors' attitudes and behaviors.

  • Study Says You Shop Differently When You Look Up At Product in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 03/05/2015

    Should your product be on a higher shelf or a lower? A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, by researchers at Ghent University in Belgium, finds that, well, it depends. But vertical positioning on a shelf does influence purchasing decisions: When we look down, we seek out more concrete information; when up, we take a more generalized look. Established brands, say the researchers, may benefit from shelf positions that require the consumer to look down a bit. It seems subjects more often selected their most preferred brands when looking down.

  • Bounty, Budweiser And Secret Ads Paired With ISIS Recruiting in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 03/05/2015

    Sometimes you can't help where your chips land when you make a programmatic buy. Unfortunately for some major brands, their ads ran on an ISIS recruitment video. Said a YouTube spokesperson (to CNN), "We have stringent advertising guidelines, and work to prevent ads appearing against any video, channel or page once we determine that the content is not appropriate for our advertising partners." The ISIS video flagged to YouTube has been removed.

  • Uber Getting Pressured In Japan, Too in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 03/05/2015

    The Rodney Dangerfield of the sharing economy, Uber can't get no respect. The latest place to love it about as much as an infection, Japan, ordered Uber to stop a ride-sharing pilot program in southern Fukuoka city. The San Francisco-based company was told by Japan's transport ministry to kill Everyone's Uber, a program that allows users in Fukuoka to share rides, as soon as possible because it violates the nation's road transportation law.

  • Capital One Puts Money Where Its Mouth Is With Tech Scholarships  in Marketing Daily on 03/06/2015

    The lack of diversity at tech companies, and the concomitant dearth of opportunities for many Americans to get digital skills that make them competitive is appalling. There are a lot of jobs out there in the tech world, but it seems businesses, especially in the tech and digital sector, aren't looking beyond their own empty cubicles.

  • Harley-Davidson Rolls Its Own With New Integrated Campaign in Marketing Daily on 03/05/2015

    Real Harley-Davidson riders doing donuts and wheelies, jumps, ice racing, and dirt racing are the stars of a new campaign by Harley that includes TV, print ads, online ads, and social media. "I think the overwhelming feedback we got when we were in X Games last year told us they had no idea of the bikes we have and the ways you can ride a Harley," says Dino Bernacchi, Harley-Davidson's director.

  • VW's New Flagship? Bigger, Pricier in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 03/04/2015

    Volkswagen is showing what could be its next flagship model at the Geneva Motor Show this week. It is a second vault into the premium area after the Phaeton, which never made it in the U.S. The final 17 were sold in Europe in 2007. VW may see the new vehicle, the Sport Coup Concept GTE, is a bigger hit in the U.S., where the automaker has been struggling. Klaus Bischoff, VW's design chief, says the show car is "a car that we position above today's Volkswagen CC." The CC is several inches shorter and starts at $32,660.

  • Restaurant Count Drops, But Quick Serve Rises in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 03/04/2015

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