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Senior reporter Tanya Gazdik covers automotive, sports, entertainment and pets for MediaPost's "Marketing Daily." She previously was the deputy editor of MediaPost, animal welfare reporter at "The (Toledo) Blade," Detroit bureau chief of "Adweek" and associate editor at "Ward's Automotive Reports" and "Ward's AutoWorld."

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  • NBA To Broadcast In Virtual Reality in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/21/2016

    The NBA announced that it will broadcast one basketball game per week in virtual reality -- a telecast that the audience can watch in 360 degrees with the proper technology installed. The requirements to access the virtual reality include an NBA League Pass subscription, Samsung Gear VR headset, and Samsung smartphone.

  • Perdue Promotes No-Antibiotics Chicken in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/21/2016

    Perdue Farms chicken products in Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Milwaukee will be sold under the claim "No Antibiotics Ever," a subtle shift in the grocery store that represents a harbinger of large-scale change coming to the chicken industry. The announcement is another step in Maryland-based Perdue's years-long quest to rid its birds of antibiotics.

  • Two Hepatitis A Cases Linked To Detroit Whole Foods Market in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/21/2016

    The Detroit Health Department is investigating two cases of Hepatitis A that could be linked to a Whole Foods Market store in Detroit. The Austin-based organic food grocer said there is "no definitive link" between the two cases. The news rattled investors already concerned the organic grocer is losing market share to traditional grocers.

  • Nintendo Unveils The 'Switch' in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/21/2016

    Nintendo has removed the veil of secrecy from it's latest gaming console, and it's a lot like what they had suggested the Wii U would be. The new Nintendo Switch, expected in March 2017, is a home console, portable player hybrid with a controller that connects to a TV for home use. The controller can be attached to a portable display for on-the-go gaming and entertainment.

  • Excedrin Wins Wednesday's Presidential Debate in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/21/2016

    Excedrin just might be the winner of Wednesday night's presidential debate. The brand sent a pitch-perfect promoted tweet tied to the debate, and it that took off like few ads ever do in the Twitterverse. "The possibility of a #DebateHeadache is high. Be prepared with Excedrin," it said. The tweet quickly got more than 2,100 likes and 900 retweets, and the hashtag #DebateHeadache started trending on Twitter.

  • Allstate Features Daddy Yankee In Hispanic Effort in Marketing Daily on 10/21/2016

    "This campaign shows in a tangible way the benefits of being in 'Good Hands' and brings to life our product features and benefits," Allsate's Georgina Flores tells "Marketing Daily."

  • Tesla Sticks With Self-Driving Technology in Marketing Daily on 10/20/2016

    Despite recent controversies stemming from its advertising that mentions its autopilot system, Tesla announced Wednesday that it plans to equip all its new vehicles with self-driving hardware.

  • Ford CEO Offers 'Two Fords' Strategy in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/20/2016

    Ford CEO Mark Fields and his colleagues must keep Ford competitive in a U.S. and global car sales environment that has cooled noticeably, even while they pivot decisively, forcefully and sustainably toward a future that will be noticeably different based on just two developments alone: the self-driving push and electric vs. gasoline vehicles.

  • Bissell Underwrites 1,000 Pet Adoptions in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/20/2016

    October is "Adopt a Shelter Dog" month, and Grand Rapids, Mich. based Bissell Pet Foundation is going all out. The foundation has partnered with 51 shelters and rescue groups in Michigan for "Empty the Shelters" on Oct. 22. Bissell has absorbed the adoption fees for all cats and dogs in the participating shelters with the goal of spurring 1,200 adoptions.

  • Pizza Hut Wants To Pay Someone To Attend NCAA Championship in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/20/2016

    Pizza Hut is recruiting for a new role at the company, the Pizza Hut All-American, who will be expected to celebrate all Division I NCAA championships during the 2016-17 season. The job has been created as part of the brand's first season as the official pizza partner of the NCAA, and the winning candidate will receive a $50,000 salary.

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  • Tic Tac Condemns Trump's Groping Remarks by Tanya Gazdik (Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/10/2016)

    Paula: I'm guessing you have never worked in PR at a major corporation. The reason Tic Tac issued the statement via Twitter is because they were being *hounded* by reporters for a reaction/comment. I don't find it opportunistic at all and you are the only person who I have heard have that reaction. 

  • Tic Tac Condemns Trump's Groping Remarks by Tanya Gazdik (Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/10/2016)

    “I’ve got to use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her,” Trump says about the actress who was on her way to pick him up for a Days of Our Lives appearance. “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.” “And when you’re a star, they let you do it,” Trump says. “You can do anything.”

  • Tic Tac Condemns Trump's Groping Remarks by Tanya Gazdik (Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 10/10/2016)

    Paula: hit the link to to the linked article above and read it OR google for Trump and tic tacs OR find any of a thousand sources and watch the video. Mr. Trump explicitly says he needs a Tic Tac in the video because he might kiss the woman in question, because he can't control himself around beautiful women, he just starts kissing them (not a direct quote but pretty close.)

  • Chevy Looks For Anti-Texting Solutions by Tanya Gazdik (Marketing: Automotive on 10/05/2016)

    Yep, I was talking about the GPS in phones. It would have to be turned on for a cell company to know if the phone was being used in a moving vehicle. And it's easy to turn off. There's got to a be a solution here. I agree, I think the cell phone companies should be baring the brunt of the responsibility here.

  • Chevy Looks For Anti-Texting Solutions by Tanya Gazdik (Marketing: Automotive on 10/05/2016)

    Good idea, Craig re: the surcharge for texting while moving. I think in order for that to work, GPS woudl have to be turned on in the phone. It's pretty easy to deactivate, unfortunately. Those with privacy concerns keep it turned off, I am told. 

  • JetBlue Airways Matches Charitable Donations by Tanya Gazdik (Marketing Daily on 12/05/2012)

    Hey Ted. I don't know the exact date but it hasn't been long, maybe a year.  The only reason I stumbled across your comments from 2012 was because I was looking for old stories mentioning KaBoom! and I happpened to open this one. Hope all is well. 

  • JetBlue Airways Matches Charitable Donations by Tanya Gazdik (Marketing Daily on 12/05/2012)

    Ted, my apologies, when this story was written four years ago, reporters weren't notified of comments so I didn't realize you had posted your question here. If you had messaged me directly on the MediaPost website I would have responded. Do you still need this information or were you able to search and find it yourself? Thanks for reading.

  • Pokemon Go Players Spending Real Money by Gavin O'Malley (Mobile Insider on 08/16/2016)

    I confess, I have bought balls a few times. Then again, I also spent money on Farmville and Candy Crush, both of which I ended up quitting because they stopped being fun after a while. I could get by playing PG free if I was less impatient, lol. I think this game has way more longevity than most other games out there. I love that it's making eveyrone who plays it walk more, which is a big deal in Detroit where everyone drives EVERYWHERE.

  • Watching TV Is Too Hard by Gary Holmes (MediaDailyNews on 08/16/2016)

    Hmmmm, I have Amazon Video and I love it because I can add stuff to my queue via an app on my smart phone. Do you have a blueray DVD player?  I have one hooked up to my TV and it has Wifi capacity built right in. So to watch Amazon Video or Netflix, I simply turn it on, turn my TV to HDM2 and follow the prompts on my screen. I have two remotes, one for my TV and one for my DVD player, that's it. I just got done watching all 50 episodes of Six Feet Under via Amazon Video. There's a great selection there, it's never ending. I'm not sure I even need Netflix anymore. 

  • How (Not) To Cover A Massacre by Joe Mandese (TV Watch on 06/14/2016)

    Great piece, Joe. And yes, Anderson Cooper got this one *very* right in his approach. 

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