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P.J. Bednarski is the Editor of Online Video Daily and VidBlog. You can reach P.J. at

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  • PGA Tour Live Is The Latest OTT Entrant, Starting Tomorrow by P.J. Bednarski (VidBlog on 07/29/2015)

    My apologies. 

  • With NewsOn Local TV Gets Into The Aggregated App Biz by P.J. Bednarski (VidBlog on 06/09/2015)

    Ed, I don't local ads would run because so many local TV news ads are local, and NewsOn intends to have its own sales force. But then again, if I'm watching a live broadcast of the local news from Boston, either those ads will be there or something else will, for two minutes or whatever the length of the break is. Nobody on mobile will stand for that, I don't think. I'll try to find out.  

  • With NewsOn Local TV Gets Into The Aggregated App Biz by P.J. Bednarski (VidBlog on 06/09/2015)

    What do you mean by that Leonard? I see you said that same thing on the Media Post news story. It would seem it's possible it should have all three. Convenient, for sure. Functional and relevant--we'll see. 

  • Can McDonald's Really Be This Dumb? by Sean Hargrave (London Blog on 05/22/2015)

    I would add this: Make a truly superior veggie burger, a really, really good one. It can be done. The veggie community won't come in for a veggie burger from a meat place like McDonald's unless there's something really superior about it and unless the marketing doesn't make it sound like McDonald's is now offering something for goony, granola consumers. McDonald's has turned so stupid. 

  • Gawker Pranks Coke - So What? by Erik Sass (The Social Graf on 02/06/2015)

    Great, great column. I once worked at a place where it seemed people seemed hostile to each other just for the "fun" of it. That's what this Gawker stunt seemed to be.

  • Netflix's 'House Of Cards' Raises Product Placement Stakes by J. Max Robins (Content Marketing Insider on 01/16/2015)

    Gag! Your comment made me laugh so hard I'm almost choked on my Wonderful Pistachios! Luckily I was able to clear my throat with a refreshing swig of Bud Light Lime.

  • Netflix's 'House Of Cards' Raises Product Placement Stakes by J. Max Robins (Content Marketing Insider on 01/16/2015)

    Good one, Max! I've written about the blatant vaping and regular old cigarette "placements" before. Maybe Netflix isn't so commercial free after all?

  • What Is News Still Doing On TV? by P.J. Bednarski (VidBlog on 01/14/2015)

    Paula: "We will see on line news on the television before all news on line" is undoubtedly true if I read you correctly. Smart TVs should radically alter how and where people watching a large screen get their news. (Thanks for your comments...PJ)

  • Nicely Done (But Pointless?) Lincoln MKC Short Films From Vimeo by P.J. Bednarski (VidBlog on 12/12/2014)

    Really excellent responses, from both of you. I would like to like these ads, and truly, in a day I do have five minutes to spare. But you've got to get me at the right time, with the right thing. I didn't notice we never saw the woman ever driving in the second video. I look back at the PR statement and it says these videos try to position Lincoln as a car for thoughtful, reflective people--who plan special events for their dads, or keep a journal. But these just seem like nice videos. You should see the video they did with Vimeo last year--the history of the Lincoln. That to me, is quite cool, but it ends with this abrupt admission that says, more or less, "We stopped doing interesting things in 1998, but now we're back to trying that again." True perhaps, and maybe TOO true.

  • Longtime 'NYT' Ad Columnist Stuart Elliott Retires, Successor TBD by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 12/03/2014)

    The New York Times loses a lot without Stuart Elliott or Bill Carter, who's also leaving. They are great people who have passion for what they do, long before "having passion" was such a bull crap expression.

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