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Larissa Faw is a Reporter of MediaPost Agency Daily (MAD) at MediaPost. You can reach Larissa at

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  • McCormick Shazams For Millennials in MAD on 09/30/2016

    Under the project, created with shopper marketing agency Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide fans scan McCormick flavor packets with Shazam using their mobile devices to then be taken to a landing page . The site features menu ideas, such as Creamy Taco Dip and Chili Chicken Wings, as well as coupons.

  • FHI Names The Republik As Its First AOR in MAD on 09/30/2016

    The Republik will be responsible all advertising (primarily print and online), as well as brand messaging, social media, website development, sales materials and public relations.

  • Agency Executives Come Together To Launch Peace Brief in MAD on 09/30/2016

    Industry executives are collaborating on Peace Brief to reduce the numbers of both the unarmed U.S. citizens who have been killed by the police and the police officers who have been killed in the line of duty.

  • Is The AOR Dead Or Alive? in MAD on 09/30/2016

    During the final presentation at Advertising Week 2016, companies discussed whether an AOR is irrelevant in today's landscape.

  • CP+B: How To Build Successful Global Agencies in MAD on 09/29/2016

    During an Advertising Week panel, CP+B chairman Chuck Porter and global CEO Lori Senecal described how their agency is thriving despite an ever-evolving industry.

  • DDB Prefers Fables, Not Facts in MAD on 09/29/2016

    Keith Reinhard joined DDB North America's Wendy Clark for a frank discussion about the current state of advertising and its own organization during Advertising Week 2016.

  • Horizon, Canvas Discuss Their Talent Growing Pains in MAD on 09/29/2016

    Canvas Worldwide's Paul Woolmington and Horizon's Bill Koenigsberg discussed the challenges in building today's workforce during Advertising Week 2016.

  • El Chavo Drinks Up California Milk in MAD on 09/29/2016

    California Milk Processor Board is getting some hammy help in encouraging Hispanics to drink milk.

  • What Men Want In Ads in MAD on 09/29/2016

    During the Man Code at Advertising Week, execs discussed how marketers best need to tailor their messages to reach today's men.

  • No Way! I Won't Sell, Say Independents in MAD on 09/29/2016

    At an Advertising Week panel, three independent agencies -- Venables Bell + Partners, Joan and Wieden + Kennedy -- discussed their reasons for staying solo.

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  • Cannes Is No Longer An Ad Festival by Maarten Albarda (Online Spin on 06/27/2016)

    Great article but having just come back after my first year, I have to disagree with some of these points. Lions do matter. Clients expect - demand - that their agencies to win and if they don't, they will likely get dropped. I also attended many panels where both brands and agencies specifically commented about the importance of bringing creativity back as the centerpoint. 

  • comScore Redefines 'Households' As 'Devices,' Says There Are 10-12 Per by Larissa Faw (MAD on 03/24/2016)

    Hey Josh. I just want to clarify that Matta did say that comScore calls households devices. Whether that is official or not, it was what he said during his panel. And your further explanation mimics his comments about the reasons why. 

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