• Nature
    Fraud. Non-viewability. Low CTRs. Banner blindness. For years they were treated as nuisances, transitory and manageable. What we now face is a bona fide existential threat.
  • The Marketing Of Mayhem
    In a society that does not distinguish between notoriety and celebrity, that makes icons and even anti-heroes out of villains, that rewards obscure, murderous misfits with instant worldwide recognition, the very process of basic reporting makes the media accessories after the fact of this atrocity, and before the fact of the next one.
  • Silent Spring, The Sequel
    Whose fault is it that ad blockers are the 21st century's version of DDT, and as indiscriminately deployed, ridding us of a pestilence but also doing grave harm to useful ad species and the publishing ecosystem as a whole?
  • Apollo XIII Part 2
    MFS will convene a room full of owners and top managers from across the media ecosystem to share experience, expertise and most of all truth in their mutual search for revenue solutions to the structural problems that bedevil us all.
  • P.R. Wild Pitches, Autumn Edition
    The kids are back in school, ragweed and 24 presidential hopefuls are in the air, we're already at G in the tropical-storm alphabet. Fall must be on its way. Which means it's also time for our semiannual meditation on thoughtful, discriminating, professional public relations.
  • Metamurder
    For ironic good measure, the particular terminology for this sort of news segment is "live shot." Deranged killing as performance art. A perfect, premeditated metamurder.
  • We Are All Ashley Madison
    If we are speaking of luring the weak into following their worst impulses, or of promising illusory benefits, or failing to disclose potential harm, maybe we should be a bit slower to point fingers. To one degree or another, there's plenty of Ashley Madison to go around.
  • The Inevitable Happens. The World Is Stunned
    Exterminating advertising is something like exterminating bats and spiders. They trigger visceral disgust, but they perform a very valuable function in the ecosystem. We need a functioning advertising economy to underwrite the news and entertainment content that amuses the world, and not incidentally, undergirds our democracy.
  • The Annals Of Native Advertising: Syria Travel Edition
    For 14 centuries Homs has been a jewel of Islamic dynasties. The history still pulses through the sun and rubble, and the world's most intrepid adventurers have come here to make it theirs. Here, in the cradle of civilization, they devote their lives to see a new society emerge -- perhaps soon to envelop the globe.
  • That's Orwell and Good For Mario, But...
    The Right to be Forgotten cannot coexist with the actual Helsinki right of free expression and is merely a contrivance of a European Union that believes it can regulate away any unpleasantness of modern life. An advocacy group called Consumer Watchdog has petitioned the FTC asking that in the name of online privacy, the same right be accorded to Americans.
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