• The Zuckerberg Blog Post: First Draft
    To our community: On our journey to rule the world, we often discuss products we're building and the promises we shall later renege on. Today I want to focus on the most important question of all: do we yet own your DNA?
  • And It Is So Decreed...
    The media, the intelligence agencies, the judiciary and next...Nordstrom?
  • The 'So Called' Advertisers Talk Back
    The real loser Sunday night was nothing less than Trumpism, which was repudiated bigly by the advertisers. Some of the biggest companies in the world spent fortunes to voice an alternative to the resentment, suspicion, fear, ignorance and blind hatred that brought Donald Trump to power.
  • The Only Day For Advertising
    It's not just the Biggest Day for Advertising, it's kind of the Only Day for Advertising -- when armies of frightened marketers, agency people and production houses are at pains to come up withs something memorable. Naturally, this will not end well.
  • How To Instantly Repair The Media Economy
    SEAN SPICER: We recognize the important role of a thriving media in a democracy, namely to blame it for all that we do wrong. As such, we're announcing that the Trump Administration will take charge.
  • Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
    There is no surprise in the news that FTC Chair Edith Ramirez is leaving the agency. And not just because a Republican will take the chair. It is because the FTC will basically cease to exist.
  • I'm With The Band(width)
    Here are two sentences that don't seem to match: This may well be a watershed moment in marketing communication. AOL is at the vanguard.
  • New Year's Resolution: A Schnorrer No More
    The stuff is out there. It's free. Why subscribe? Well, there are several reasons, and isn't it high time for publishers to get busy offering them?
  • No Ifs, Ands Or Bots
    Bot: Are you interested in purchasing a Handi-Douse Kitchen Fire Extinguisher? Consumer: No, I'm interested in operating it. I have a fire in my kitchen.
  • Faking Cokegasm
    Why has a succession of marketing chiefs tried to persuade us that Coke is a fixture in our larger emotional lives? It isn't. Coke is not, never has been and never will be a player.
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