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Senior Citizens Wanted
Now that the Net has become mainstream to just about every American, we need to take a closer look at up and coming markets. Guess what? It's the 65 and over market. According to a study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, the ranks of Americans over 65 who use the Internet have jumped by 47 percent since 2000, making them the fastest-growing group to embrace the online world.» 0 Comments
Making Momentum Marketing Work Part 1: The Super Bowl
By now, we've all read multiple stories on Super Bowl ads and their cost, as well as all the other items having to do with marketing and "the big game." Well, here's one more item, this time from my subversive little brain. It's about an ad that will never run, and may never have been made with the intent of running on television.

I'm talking about the Anheuser-Busch (AB) Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" spoof that was to have been set backstage at last year's Super Bowl, immediately prior to halftime.» 0 Comments

Real Surround Sound Marketing: Convergence Is Here
The media landscape has long been a diverse environment of cracked earth, flat plains, sharp crags, and islands in unbroken waters. Media plate tectonics have shown those of us in marketing and advertising that in this new world, we have to find a way to address miniaturized audience segments. One-to-one marketing is a compelling idea for both deepening relationships with consumers and communicating with micro-niches, but for a lot of businesses, getting the right person isn't always enough.» 0 Comments
How Do We Categorize Our Industry?
What is your definition of "interactive" or "online" marketing? It seems the range of ideas and opportunities covered under these terms are continuing to evolve very quickly and it's a topic worth chatting about. In the old days we could isolate interactive or online marketing to something that involved a computer or the Internet. Nowadays those parameters have shifted and the boundaries of a computer have been shattered.» 0 Comments
What Will the Post-Arms Race Online Ad Market Look Like?
As a young adolescent growing up during the Cold War, with MAD and visions of nuclear apocalypse running through my head from time to time, my views of what post-Cold War era might bring were tainted by the paranoia of the era.» 0 Comments
The Reality of Yahoo?
When you think of reality television, what do you think of? My guess is its most likely Mark Burnett. He started the whole reality craze with "Survivor."» 0 Comments
How Do You Measure Your Rich Media Campaigns? Part II
It shouldn't surprise anyone that most of the answers that flowed from the question I asked with last week's column revolved around having established a clear objective.» 0 Comments
Rich Media Is Not the Story; Broadband Is
It was reported in eMarketer's "Portal Update: 2005" this week that the big story in online advertising as the year unfolds will no longer be search marketing, but rather, spending on rich media.» 0 Comments
Firefox on the Brain
Has anyone else been paying attention to Firefox?» 0 Comments
Oversight Needed for Network Buys
How can we bring some clarity to network buying?» 0 Comments
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