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What is Integration?
I was perusing the Spin Board over the weekend and I saw a lot of responses that dealt with the integration of traditional and interactive media, but overwhelmingly these responses were attacking the question from differing points of view. I was unable to come to a strong, concrete conclusion after reading these opinions, so I thought I would ask the basic question, "What is integration?"» 0 Comments
How Do I Get Started?
Jeff runs a company that sells camping gear. Jeff has heard a handful of stories about small businesses that have been successful selling things on the Web, and he wants his business to have similar success, so Jeff calls an agency. He doesn't have a clue where to start, but he thinks he needs to tell the whole world about his online store that sells camping gear. So when he calls an agency, he tells them two things:» 0 Comments
Another Ugly Head Rears
We've all been talking about CAN-SPAM on the Spin board, at cocktail parties, and at industry events. Just when you think it can't get any worse... it seems our loathed spam has a nastier offspring called spim.» 0 Comments
When March Madness Almost Drove Me Mad
Today's column is about spyware, and today, I'm naming names.» 0 Comments
Content Control and the Rise of the Insular Man
Is the future of marketing control of content? Do the internet, DVRs, and the abundance of content choices really leave us in a state of more control than media consumers once were? I would argue no.» 0 Comments
In Pursuit of Trippiness
No, this isn't a column about magic mushrooms. Rather, it's a column about the influence of former Howard Dean Campaign Manager, Joe Trippi, on the political sphere's view of online marketing.» 0 Comments
In-Theatre Audience as Interactive Buzz-Builder
According to a 2003 study from Arbitron, the American movie audience is very receptive to in-theatre advertising. This audience is young, affluent and largely un-tapped by American advertising. This audience would appear to overlap nicely with the most active, valuable portion of the Internet audience, making it seem like a missed opportunity for advertisers in today's cluttered, A.A.D.D. market.» 0 Comments
Say 'Hola' to Emerging Markets
The fact that Latin America's low-income consumers represent an annual purchasing power of $120M (USD) may seem like a shock to some of you. Not only is it true, but it's also an attractive opportunity for advertisers and brand marketers to pay close attention to.» 0 Comments
Which Giant Microbe Will You Give Your Loved Ones?
Sometimes, I encounter Web businesses that are so fun and imaginative that they almost seem like they HAVE to have been started online. Giantmicrobes, Inc., is one of those businesses. I wish all Internet-based viruses were like these guys.» 0 Comments
Impressions Don't Buy Stuff, People Do
I've long advocated a move to buying and selling something more determinate and tangible than a bag full of magic beans... uh, I mean, impressions. The reason for this is that though the impression continues to serve as the 'atom' of the material advertising universe, it is not, ultimately, what marketers and their media should be concerned with.» 0 Comments
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