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Get Ready For December Insanity
Get ready for December, which can be one of the most trying months for any media planner or sales rep.» 0 Comments
A Stocking Stuffer: Holiday Advertising
As everyone knows, the holiday season is upon us and with it comes the annual surge in e-commerce.» 0 Comments
Want to Be on the ''A'' List?
Well I'm writing to you prior to the holiday as I'm cramming out a request for proposal (RFP) and quite honestly am thinking of getting the heck out of work to my Thanksgiving already. I may be a bit masochistic, but I'm thankful for the life I've had in this nutty industry.» 0 Comments
Are You Sirius?
I think you'd have to be living under a rock if you haven't heard about Sirius.» 0 Comments
Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and since I know that most of you have either left for the day or are reading this with dreams of cranberry sauce, turkey, and stuffing dancing on your plate, it might be a great chance for a slightly more light-hearted column.» 0 Comments
Remember That Integration Thing?
"Integration" was the hot buzzword of two years ago.» 0 Comments
Tyranny of the Minority?
My colleague, Tom Hespos, kicked up a little dirt this week in his column about the increasing sway that seemingly small numbers of people have on the current state of debate regarding content in media.» 0 Comments
Forget 2005 - Are We Ready for Christmas?
I'm not talking about getting your shopping completed early, everyone. I'm talking about the kind of marketing and operations surge that industry insiders are warning about in the next 30 days.» 0 Comments
Forecast Bright for Holiday Shopping
If you're like me, you probably had a heck of a busy week with business and industry events including Ad:Tech and the MITX Awards show. On the weekends I try and pick up the slack in my personal life.» 0 Comments
Philosophy of Targeting the Masses Versus the Individual
Is advertising and marketing the sole domain of the marketers or is it possible that advertising and marketing is now the focus of the masses?» 0 Comments
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