• Coming Soon: The Creative War Room Of The Future
    Remember when all the rage was to set up a "war room" for monitoring social media while a campaign was live? The goal of these efforts was to enable brands to operate in real time, responding to customer feedback. This model could get revisited as we start thinking through the concept of connected creativity.
  • Mobs, Filter Bubbles, Democracy
    You know I love to ask "why"? And last Tuesday provided me with the mother of all "whys." I know there will be a lot of digital ink shed about this event, but I just can't help myself. So -- why?
  • Media Buyers, Dodos, Predictions: I'm Sticking To Mine
    On Sept. 16, 2013, I predicted the death of the traditional media buyer. That date was completely random, as it just happened to be the date I wrote a blog post with the title "Man vs. machine, the advent of electronic buying and the death of the media buyer." I have since written about this phenomenon many times here on MediaPost, predicting the death of the media buyer as we knew her/him within five years of that date in 2013. My prediction was based on the fact that, when Wall Street switched to mostly algorithm-based trading, it shed about two-thirds ...
  • Programmatic Media And The Blockchain
    It may sound crazy, but using a secure, decentralized and fully electronic currency like Bitcoin would dramatically reduce the costs associated with programmatic transactions.
  • Measuring TV 2.0
    How will measurement and currency systems adapt to the obvious merging of TV and Internet connectivity? It's scary to think about - but what the heck, it was just Halloween.
  • Customer-Centricity: Avoid Speeds And Feeds, Speak To Needs
    Every company pays lip service to being customer-centric, but in most cases it is simply that: lip service. Most companies simply come up short.
  • Survival Of The Fittest, Revisited
    I've used the phrase "survival of the fittest" in columns in the past. One of these columns ran again last week and sparked a debate that played out in the comment section. It reminded me that this is one of those phrases that everyone uses -- but not everyone knows its meaning.
  • If You're Not With Us, We're Against You
    For me, the story of the year remains the ANA/K2/Ebiquity review of U.S. media practices - especially how the industry has been completely impotent to do anything productive with that info.
  • For The Love Of Pete, Vote
    November 7, 2000. Election night. Ken and I are wandering through the French Quarter of New Orleans, popping in and out of bars and taking in the sights. I haven't voted. I'm not at home, and the absentee ballot, quite frankly, seemed like kind of a pain in the ass -- especially since my vote wouldn't really make much difference. Why bother?
  • Just The Facts, Please -- In Our Industry As Well As Politics
    I've never before fully appreciated the importance of people and politicians grounding their analysis and arguments in facts and logic to the level I do now. There's nothing like a dizzyingly crazy U.S. presidential campaign, along with a spate of rhetoric-filled, emotional debates on issues like climate change, immigration, media partisanship, policing, race relations and the rise or fall of crime in America, to make you appreciate the importance of fact-based discourse.
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