• Twitter Has A Unique Opportunity
    Where is Twitter headed? The surprise resignation of Dick Costolo has almost everyone I know asking "Who, where and when?" - who will take over, where will the company go, and when will all this happen?
  • How Our Brains Process Price Information
    We have a complex psychological relationship with pricing. A new brain scanning study out of Harvard and Stanford starts to pick apart the dynamics of that relationship.
  • Twitter's Death Warmed Over
    Twitter has been declared dead more than most of its digital contemporaries, finding itself in the unenviable company of BlackBerry, Yahoo, AOL, MySpace and Ello. And don't get me wrong, the challenges for Twitter are manifold. But at the same time, I do believe there is a place for Twitter in the digital tapestry. So why is it that Twitter gets thrown on the "failure" heap to the degree that it is costing people their jobs and shareholders their value?
  • And The Hypocrisy Tony Goes To... Apple's Tim Cook
    The 68th annual Tony Awards, established to celebrate excellence in the theater, took place on June 7, and were a roaring success. "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" took home five awards, including best play and best male lead. "Fun Home" took home another five. But there was one performance that didn't receive anywhere near the honor and prestige it should have: Tim Cook's speech, just a few days earlier, slamming Google and Facebook for not respecting your privacy nearly enough.
  • Fraud, Viewability And Rebate Issues All Cut From The Same Cloth
    Anyone who doesn't believe that the digital advertising industry has real issues with fraud, viewability and rebate-like vendor payments either has their head in the sand or really doesn't want to know the truth. The purpose of today's column is not to convince you that these issues exist -- evidence isn't hard to find if you really want to look -- but to point out that the root cause of all three is the same, and is solvable.
  • The Importance Of Vision In Leadership
    What is "vision"? Simply put, it's the common alignment of a group of people aiming for the same goal. Whether it's sports or business, having a vision is the single most important thing to motivate a team of individuals. Without it, you have chaos and you can't possibly succeed.
  • The Coming Data Marketplace
    The stakes are currently being placed in the ground. The next great commodity will be data - and you can already sense the battle beginning to heat up. Consumer data will be generated by connections. Those connections will fall into two categories: broad and deep. Both will generate data points that will become critical to businesses looking to augment their own internal data.
  • The Five Reasons For The Media Agency Pitch Avalanche
    One of the big talking points over the last few weeks has been the flood of agency reviews announced by many large U.S.-based and/or global advertisers. I think these reviews are driven by a combination of factors, not just the much-publicized murkiness of many media agency dealings.
  • Media Agencies' $25B Bounty For Change
    $25 billion worth of media reviews has been announced in the last few months. So is this a statistical anomaly, or a sign that after 20 years of endless talk about change, clients are finally making demands that agencies do so?
  • $90K Instagram 'Art' Shows Need To Better Define Value
    Pssst... Wanna buy some art? It's awesome, I swear. For the low, low price of just $90,000, you can go to this website, pick the image you like, and I'll blow it up and mount it for you. It's not my website, but that doesn't matter. I also didn't take the pictures -- but that doesn't matter either. Apparently, the real value is created by blowing up the images, printing them, and mounting them. That's why I don't have to share a penny with the website, the original photographer, or the model.
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