• The Biggest Mall In The World Is In Your Pocket (If Your Eyes Work Well)
    How do you people do so much shopping on your phone? There are tons of stats out there that speak to the impact of mobile commerce, but it boggles my mind how many people are buying this way. The data tends to range from general shopping stats (I seem to recall a recent stat from somewhere saying 35% all commerce is done on a mobile device, but don't quote me) to other stats like Shopify recently stating more than 50% of its ecommerce traffic comes from mobile devices, with 40% coming from a phone. Is it me? Maybe my eyes ...
  • 25 Years Of Photoshop
    Jennifer in Paradise: It's a picture that's become iconic in the history of digital imagery. It shows a topless woman with her back to us, sitting in the blue waters of Bora Bora and gazing towards the island of To'opua. But it's not what the picture shows that makes it iconic. It's what happened to the picture after it was taken. Jennifer just happened to be the girlfriend of Photoshop co-creator John Knoll. So, when he was demonstrating what Photoshop could do while pitching it to Adobe in 1988, this was the picture he had handy. As such, Jennifer in ...
  • Live TV Viewing Is Dying By A Thousand Paper Cuts
    Pivotal Research's senior research analyst and frequent MediaPost contributor Brian Wieser recently shared a bunch of numbers on the evolution of U.S. screen time from 2008 to the first quarter of 2015. For instance, between 2008 and 2010, live TV viewing increased a tiny bit. But from 2010, the numbers start to go down. They are not falling off a cliff, but they are decreasing every year. And each year it seems the decrease is going a little faster.
  • Moving Past The Echo Chamber Of Our Own Jargon
    GRP. CPM. CPA. DSP. DMP. That is how we talk to each other. That is how we talk to our clients. That is a problem.
  • This One Rule Trumps All Your Management Theories
    Zappos is having a hard time. Over on Pando, Paul Carr -- who readily confesses he himself was burned by Zappos founder and CEO Tony Hsieh -- takes evident delight in detailing the difficulties the organization faces as it attempts to transition to "Holacracy," a self-management structure developed by Brian J. Robertson.
  • The 'Year Of Mobile' Has Come And Gone
    For the last nine to 10 years, pundits proclaimed this (whatever year it was) was the "year of mobile." I'm here to tell you very clearly that the year of mobile has come and gone and most of us didn't even notice it. The fact is, mobile is no longer a stand-alone concept. "Cross-channel" is the new mobile, and companies solely focused on mobile as a vehicle are having a rough time.
  • Ode To A Grecian Eurozone
    I'd like to comment on the Greek debt crisis. But I don't know anything about it. Zip -- or, as they say in Athens, . (I do, however, know how to say zero in Greek, thanks to Google Translate. At least for the next few minutes.) I also happen to know rather a lot right now about the Tour de France, how to wire RV batteries, how to balance pool chemicals, how to write obituaries - and most of the plotlines for the Showtime series "Homeland. "I certainly know more about all those things than the average person. Tomorrow, I'll ...
  • The Self-Fulfilling Digital Media Ecosystem
    "If you build it, they will come" is an iconic movie sentence from the equally iconic "Field of Dreams." It has been used in many a business presentation, especially in the early days of digital. Initially, digital believers used it to try and convince digital skeptics that all a marketer needed to do was build a website that consumers would then flock to, creating commercial nirvana for said business. Now that we are all a little older and wiser, we use that same sentence to indicate the exact reverse of what we used it for 10 years ago: to explain ...
  • Your Brand's Biggest Competitor: Apathy
    Coming back from Cannes, some people are jealous. They see the augmented reality, the glossy case studies, the hacks and the "best ever" results. They rightly think, how is it that I've missed out? Why isn't my promoted hashtag "setting the nation alight" like my competitors'? Why was my NFC campaign a failure, while the category leader's was "game-changing"? A thought: Perhaps we should worry less about everything and focus on literally the only people that count: everybody.
  • Did You Hear The One About A Consulting Shop Winning A Media Agency AOR?
    A few weeks back, I wrote a column about the evolution of the agency business that resonated with many of you. Still, a key concept I proposed in the column seems to have been too subtle and sped past many of the folks who read it, so I decided to clarify that concept this week. Simply put, a big change is in the air as a result of all the media business currently in review. I predict one of the large consulting companies will win a media review, stealing the business away from the media agency holding companies and signaling ...
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