• Measurement: Data In & Data Out
    The data-driven marketing industry is extremely focused on 50% of the story - the "data in" component that drives targeting and personalization - but what about the "data out" element? Are you spending the same amount of time on measurement as you are on targeting?
  • Talking Back To Technology
    The tech world - as well as pretty much every vehicle in existence - seems to be leaning heavily towards voice activated-devices: Siri, Amazon Echo, Facebook M, "OK Google." It should make sense that we would want to speak to our digital assistants. After all, that's how we communicate with each other. So why, then, do I feel like such a dork when I say "Siri, find me an Indian restaurant"?
  • The Future Of Marketing As A Result Of The Self-Driving Car
    As we all know, a lot is happening in marketing automation. In a conversation about this topic the other day, it struck me that we, as an industry, are perhaps not really thinking innovatively enough about marketing automation.
  • Haptic Impact Device Takes Virtual Reality One Step Closer To Disrupting Reality
    "Does virtual reality disrupt reality?" That's the question Singularity University's David Roberts posed on a sunny spring day in Mountain View.
  • A Window Into The Future Of The Web
    The Web is changing. It's becoming a thinner, personalized, pervasive, ambient, assistive layer that weaves into our life. So what new opportunities does this create?
  • The Unicorn Is An Endangered Species
    I meet with entrepreneurs quite often. Doing so helps me be better at my job because I routinely train myself to look at challenges from a fresh perspective. sThe problem is, there are too many entrepreneurs - and many of them have a high sense of expectations and self-worth. Most everyone with an idea thinks they can build a business, and who am I to tell someone not to pursue their dream? When I meet with entrepreneurs there are always certain criteria I look for, and specific questions I ask them to answer.
  • Google's New Brand Launch: Function Driving Form
    What would happen if you created an advertising agency run by engineers? You'd have Google. Consider its recent logo change.
  • Maybe Uber Won't Lead The Autonomous Car Revolution After All
    Um, so, remember how last week I was saying that Uber would be the main force driving (haha) the transition to autonomous vehicles? I may have been wrong.
  • 3 Things TV Networks Must Do This Fall
    While many question how TV will fare in 2020, there is still no question that it is still the 800-pound gorilla in 2015. But for that to continue, TV companies will have to work harder to make their own luck, since audiences and advertiser dollars are not just going to come to them as in decades past. At the very least, here are three things that TV companies must do this fall:
  • Innovation Comes From Inspiration -- And No Computer Has EVER Been Inspired
    Programmatic and automation will never take over the marketing industry 100% because a machine can never be inspired, and innovation is driven through inspiration. Inspiration is driven through the marriage of emotion and hypothesis-and to date, computers are not capable of either one (at least not in the real world--they certainly do in the movies). That's why the age-old debate over "art vs. science" can never be won in advertising or marketing. Both sides are necessary for success.
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