• My Binge-Clicking Experiment Reveals The Web Is Too Targeted
    I experimented to see what would happen if I started "binge-clicking" - basically, clicking on at least one ad on every Web page I was on for a predetermined period. I did this for two days and learned some interesting things: namely, that clicking on ads creates a significantly smaller universe for my media experience.
  • The Mother of All Disruption
    Once again fellow Online Spin writer Tom Goodwin has piqued my interest. He starts to unwrap a tremendously thorny problem in his column of last Thursday, "Time to Think about Regulation for Disruption." Today, I'd like to take this question up one level: Do we have to rethink government entirely?
  • How (Not) To Win An Industry Award
    I am writing to you this week from the Festival of Media Global. In a sign that I'm now truly old, I was asked to be Emeritus Chair of the Content & Technology categories of the Festival of Media Awards, a job I gladly accepted. As a judge, you get a unique opportunity to see (mostly) well-put-together case histories, typically with business results included. Because the awards are not announced until Tuesday evening, I can't reveal anything about the winners and the losers. But I can tell you about my experiences as a judge at this festival, and other festivals ...
  • Our Irrational Fear Of Driverless Cars
    Remember Chris Hadfield? Of course you do. The Canadian astronaut's rendition of "Major Tom" has been viewed over 25 million times. But today I'm more interested in his TED talk: "What I learned from going blind in space."
  • Time To Think About Regulation For Disruption
    Live-streaming app Periscope was banned this week. Both the NHL and MLB have decided that it's not welcome in their stadiums, which - while totally unenforceable - raises another interesting question: If it's OK to Instagram artwork in museums, how do we make up such rules? How do we define these boundaries? While we are kidding ourselves if we think that Periscope viewing of the Manny Pacquiao fight had a demonstrable effect on box-office revenue, we do get glimpses into future quandaries. This is yet another company "disrupting" a marketplace - and in the process, inventing new behaviors, creating new ...
  • The Impending War For Talent
    There's a war going on, but you may not have noticed it. It's a subtle war that's about to heat up substantially over the next few years: the war for talent! Companies are going to be fighting for the best talent to fill a bunch of open positions, realizing that not every hire will be an A player right out of the gate.
  • Mind The Gap: Agencies Are From Venus, Clients Are From Mars
    Following on from the gap we identified last week between brand marketing and the sales/trade/shopper marketing teams, the ANA has delivered a different gap analysis in a new report called "Enhancing Client/Agency Relations 2015." Before we continue, I want to make sure I follow the health and safety regulations here at MediaPost. We take them very seriously, so I want to make sure you are sitting down when you read the following quote, per CMO.com: "Just 27% of agencies reported that clients provide clear assignment briefs. Meanwhile, 58% of clients think they are doing a good job."
  • Nepal Quakes Reinforce Connectivity As Basic Human Right
    If education and healthcare and work are all accessible via a smartphone, don't we need to make them, along with the attendant access to electricity and the Internet, available to everyone in the world? What if access to the Internet means the difference between life and death?
  • Media Agencies Aren't Going Away -- But Being 'Agents' Might
    The business of media has changed so much over the past few years that the notion of media agencies being "agents" of advertisers may no longer apply. That's the message that Irwin Gotlieb, CEO of WPP's Group M, delivered to a room full of advertising executives at the ANA's Financial Management Conference in Phoenix this week.The context for Gotlieb's Phoenix ANA address was the current swirl of allegations of undisclosed agency rebates. He isn't alone in calling for a reevaluation of how clients and advertisers work together. I applaud the industrywide focus on transparency, and the recognition that the dialogue ...
  • Marketing Is Now Even More Exciting - Here's Why!
    Fellow Online Spinner Dave Morgan recently wrote a column on whether awareness and attribution can live together in an advertising-centric world. His assumption was "yes" - and he cited Sharon O'Sullivan from Discovery Communications (and others) as proof that media execs feel the same way. I'd like to take things a step further. I would simply add that if you don't feel this way, you should be planning your retirement.
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