• YouTube Is Giving The 30-Second Unskippable Ad The Boot
    It will "focus instead on formats that work well for both users and advertisers." Presumably, those winning formats include the six-second unskippable bumper ad.
  • Recipe For Top Food Videos Apply Everywhere Else, Too
    Why do BuzzFeed Tasty videos attract such crowds? NewsWhip counts the ways
  • Big Media Bets On Skinny Bundles
    This is the year the major networks and studios will embrace streaming services, in part, by dictating what they'll look like.
  • Valentine's Day Shocker About Netflix Cheaters
    What kind of world are we living in? Netflix research says 45% of its "streaming couples" have cheated by watching a show alone they said they'd watch with their mate. Nice.
  • Where's Is The PSA For Truthful News?
    Apple CEO Tim Cook declared that fake news is "killing people's minds," and he called for an industry campaign to clean up its act. Well???
  • Facebook Adds Audit, Third-Party Ad Verification
    After a handful of admitted measurement mistakes, Facebook says it will undergo a Media Rating Council audit and add third-party verification of its stats. Also, Facebook will introduce three new ad-buying models.
  • Tremor Reports Earnings And Also, Bill Day Resigns
    Bill Day, who's led Tremor Videos from early days to IPO and beyond announces he's leaving. The ad tech firm reports some record earnings for Q4 and fiscal 2016.
  • BtoB Marketers Like Videos, Though Fewer Believe They Produce Many Leads Or Sales
    According to a new survey from DemandWave, 82% of BtoB marketing execs say videos and blogs dominate their content worlds. But both are far down on the list when those same execs are asked what content tool provides the most leads and revenue from customers.
  • The Global Village Vies For Second Place In Trump's America
    Satirical videos from European countries and beyond vie to be second best in Trump's "America First" world. They show the power of streaming and the enduring strength of nations.
  • Calm Down Now! Super Bowl Ad Frenzy Is Over
    Once again, no big whoops. It's getting a little hard to hype Super Bowl ads.
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