• That Big Desktop Is Holding Its Own
    Maybe not everything is focused on mobile. comScore notes the time spent on desktop devices hasn't changed much in two years, though mobile use has zoomed at the same time. The whole pie is just getting bigger.
  • Print-To-Video Quick: New Tool Helps Publishers Monetize News
    Wibbitz, a print-to-video company from Israel, has a tool that can turn a print news story into a shorter version with relevant video it scans from a stock library within a few seconds. Its CEO says it lets print publishers monetize stories through pre-roll, and grab mobile viewers
  • In One Way, Letterman Won On YouTube
    David Letterman signed off last night, and in his last weeks on the air, spoke about how he just didn't have the feel for competing in social media. By most measures, he has been trounced online by Fallon and Kimmel and the rest. In one category though, his fans may have been taking care of business.
  • Live Viewing (Of All Sorts) Way Up In Q1, Says FreeWheel Report
    In what FreeWheel calls "the new living room," which is just wherever you are, live viewing is up 140% over a year ago and authenticated viewing up 328%.
  • Viewability's Visibility: A Problem, A PR Issue, A Joke
    Viewability, unfortunately for online video publishers and advertisers, just keeps getting more and more visible. It's the problem that just won't go away, though, paradoxically, it's a problem that is hard to see.
  • The Coming, Even Bigger Explosion In Streaming Video
    How consumers get entertainment doesn't mean much to them, but for the content providers, getting on all screens all the time is going to become crucial in the years to come, says a new report from Jupiter Research.
  • Annoying Ads Online Or On TV: Pick Your Poison
    Consumers seem to hate online ads more than they hate TV commercials. Nigel Hollis at Millward Brown has a good theory about why that might be, but maybe he's overthinking it.
  • Are There Local YouTube Stars?
    If local stations really wanted to help themselves now, they could use their studios, their local branding and online video to resurrect the impact of local TV in a way that would probably be efficient, economical and truly interactive.
  • Apple TV's Upcoming Rebirth Is Pretty Buzzless
    Next month, Apple is supposed to make a big announcement. It's likely to be about a next generation Apple TV service--and that's got absolutely no one talking. Ain't it odd? Where's the disruption?
  • What Verizon's Cooking May Need A Pinch of AOL
    This is Verizon acquiring a programming and advertising partner that it will want as its grows its OTT and LTE wireless video businesses. Make no mistake about it, Verizon is going to be a major content producer and advertising vehicle in the next few years.
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