• "The Roosevelts" Era Gets Fast Forward On PBS
    Teddy & Franklin & Eleanor will get their 14 hours in a documentary from Ken Burns this fall, but online viewers will be able to watch most of it before viewers at home. It's a good, smart move by PBS.
  • If You Like Red Cars, You'll Like This Online Commercial,,, In Red
    I wonder how many people are driving a car in a color they like, or just one that was on the car lot. No matter, maybe. A digital marketer is pushing a new device that will show would-be car buyers online commercials with cars in the color they prefer, which they say is an emotional trigger for many customers.
  • Target's Laughable YouTube Video Ad Series
    Everybody seems to use YouTube to market to young adults, but some merchandisers obviously are missing some of the fine points. Target's new YouTube videos wooing college students to shop for dorm-ware is one of them.
  • Online Video: Refuge For Television Flotsam
    There certainly can't be a bigger tent than online video, for good and bad. It's like the Statue of Liberty for the good and under-discovered talent out there, and the retreat for people who have worn out their thin welcome on TV. .
  • Keep It Simple, But Not Stupid
    Nothing could be much simpler than watching video on mobile, even with the limitations of size. It's so handy. In that way, mobile is like other media advances that become overpowering. By and large, the attraction of simplicity is pretty overpowering.
  • New Evolve INgage Ad Format Is Kind Of Put Up Or Shut Up
    Evolve's new INgage ad plays only when the user scrolls over it while otherwise reading text. Once the reader/viewer leaves, so does the ad, but Evolve thinks it's a perfect engagement--and viewability solution
  • MLB Available Just About Everywhere, But It's Not Easy
    Yesterday, you'll recall, I grumbled about watching online baseball games on MLB.tv, but specifically about the irritating repetitious cycle of advertising and promos. It looks sloppy. I promised a kinder perspective today.
  • The MLB Online: It's 'Groundhog Day' At Commercial Breaks
    Major League Baseball is off for most of this week, which gives fans who watch online a little opportunity to...scream about the mind-numbing repetition of commercials and promos on game streams, inning after inning, day after day .
  • For Hearing Impaired, Captioned Online Clips Are Coming
    A new FCC regulation will require captions on clips from TV shows shown online, a relatively narrow category because the FCC doesn't control any other kind of video online.
  • The Following Terrorist Video Is Sponsored By The BBC
    There's a flap in London over a BBC report that not only discovered jihad videos on YouTube, but discovered the videos were accompanied by pre-roll advertising. Among the unwitting "sponsors": The BBC itself.
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