• Netflix Foreign Subs Will Beat U.S. By 2018, Report Says
    Looking ahead, IHS Markit also says that by 2018, Netflix will have 100 million subscribers, and by 2020, Netflix will have 75 million subscribers outside the United States.
  • Will Music Fans Pay For Vevo?
    'Financial Times' says Vevo is seeking $300 million-$500 million to launch a subscription service. Is there programming distinct enough to make it make sense?
  • A Righteous Halt To Web Site 'Comments'
    NPR will stop letting listeners and readers post comments to its Website, and it's not first to come to that decision. It's the decent thing to to do.
  • "Trump News" Online? Why Not?
    Maybe Trump, like all successful business people, is already thinking of his next move. A news operation--just streaming, not on cable.
  • Will Social Sites Overwhelm YouTube?
    A recent report from Trusted Brands says marketers prefer social sites for campaigns over YouTube. Agencies are a little less sure, but it appears, from this report, that's the way things are going.
  • Pirates Stay Current: They're Streaming,Too
    A new report says nearly 75% of the 78.5 billion visits to film and TV piracy sites last year were streaming sites. Downloading is becoming old news, even for thieves.
  • Virtual Reality Turns Its Eyes Toward B2B
    Bluetext, a digital marketing firm, is finding that there is a window of opportunity to serve business-to-business clients with virtual reality video projects. They're a good distraction on convention floors too.
  • Pokemon Go Is Just A Game
    The Internet sometimes makes nothing out of something, but mostly, it makes something out of nothing. Example: The mental health benefits of Pokemon Go.
  • Refinery29 Gets $45M In New Funding, Led By Turner
    Turner president David Levy says it's smart to partner with digital brands that reach viewers cable networks are losing.
  • Riddle: Why Did The Ad Blocker Download The App?
    Answer: To avoid ads! But that's an answer Facebook has decided to ignore. It will show you ads anyway.
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