• Bottom Line: It All Gets Down To Google, Facebook
    A report from MoffettNathanson Research titled The Digital Duopoly concludes that Google and Facebook drove two-thirds of the industry's growth last year.
  • NewFronts: Virtual Reality, BuzzFeed Reality And Gender Equality
    The first day of digital's NewFronts showed the growing marketing push for virtual reality content. plus interesting takes on gender issues and why traditional media just doesn't get it.
  • NewFronts: What's It All About?
    t's easy to leave NewFronts presentations with a clearer idea of the presenters' strategies and extremely vague ideas about what it is they produce.
  • Awesome Month For AwesomenessTV
    April began with Verizon buying a near-25% stake in AwesomenessTV. It ended with NBC Universal acquiring AwesomenessTV's parent, DreamWorks Animation.
  • The Reflection Of PewDiePie
    PewDiePie, with over 43 million YouTube subscribers, looks back at the early, messy first days that made him a superstar. He cringes. And gives thanks.
  • Unskippable,Too: YouTube Touts New 6-Second Ad
    Ideal to reach smartphone users, YouTube will begin offering advertisers six-second-long Bumpers starting next month.
  • What's Fullscreen? For $4.99, Maybe Viewers Will Find Out
    It's a YouTube multichannel network, but now it's a standalone subscription VOD channel, too. Will people pay for that, Netflix-style?
  • Facebook Advertising Holds Sway. But 'Live" Is Crucial
    Facebook is not only the present but the future, too, and it's changing the video business. But it needs its users to use Facebook Live to keep revealing themselves. Personal posts to Facebook are in decline.
  • Party Like It's 1999, Die Like It's 2016
    Gone is the general idea that respectful, or even correct, things should be said about the dead.
  • FreeWheel Makes Its Case For Premium Video
    .A Moat-FreeWheel study says there is an " almost 38 percentage-point improvement for premium video in a key engagement metric
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