Aereo, The Revolutionary Service That Provides Stuff You Don't Want For $8 A Month
Aereo is trying to provide its legality now, but eventually it will have to explain its purpose. In an interview with Katie Couric on Yahoo, its CEO tries to explain why broadcasters don't like him, and why consumers should embrace his antenna farm. It's a good argument he has, but really, why the bother?» 3 Comments
What Is Shocking Naked Truth Behind Streaming Media's Biggest Sites?
Well, the answer is they lie and distort, supposing many users are so used to it they don't even care.» 2 Comments
Among US Car Makers, Chevy's Online Ads Get Around, Says Unruly Media
GM's Chevrolet nameplate finished fourth among all car makers worldwide in online ad-sharing and first among American ones, over the last 12 months. In fact ,Chevy ads attracted nearly 45% of the total number of ad shares of U.S. manufacturers over the last 12 months. Ford was seventh and all the rest were no shows, says Unruly Media.» 0 Comments
Catching The Drift: Online Video Views Up Almost 50% Over A Year Ago
Year over year, Americans watched nearly 50% more videos, and nearly 150% more video ads, comScore figures reveal. The drift to online video is so quick and natural it's almost possible to miss the exciting NBC News announcement of its proud, co-produced daily online series, "15 Seconds To Truth."» 1 Comments
Just Me And The Bots: Some Alarming Views On Viewability
Data from TubeMogul's Operation Clear Sky shows that botnets are more sophisticated than we may think. By using proxies, for instance, the Blog Bot botnet can make one hijacked computer appear to be hundreds and even thousands of viewers.» 0 Comments
ToastyTV, a Quiznos Channel, Is Endearingly Very, Very Strange
Quiznos, the sub sandwich chain, is getting some notice for a video in which a Kevin Spacey impersonator does a stunningly real turn as Francis Underwood in a "Game of Thrones"/"House of Cards" mash up. From there, the Quiznos channel, ToastyTV, gets very, very weird» 0 Comments
The New Online Legacy Gang: Passing The Pipe Between Now And 2020
A new report from TDG breaks down how the next Big 4 of media content is drifting from those big networks to those already-big Web based companies. Between now and 2020, the report says, Legacy content providers will decline by 25%.» 0 Comments
MovieLaLa: A Social Site That Is All About The Movies Launches In May
People find out about the movies by going to Google and IMDB and YouTube for clips. MovieLaLa, a new social site officially debuting in May, hopes to harness the power of a social network while pushing box office grosses as well.» 1 Comments
CW Seed Lives Up To Its Name: It Will Plant 'Backpackers' On Network's Summer TV Schedule
This summer, The CW, that little network owned by CBS, will debut "Backpackers." What will make this series a little different is that "Backpackers" has been around for awhile, on CW Seed, the online site that features a handful of other shows that fit the contours of a lot of digital content.» 2 Comments
Amazon's Fire TV Gets An Underwhelming Response
Early testers of the device released last Wednesday didn't say it was bad, but neither were most of them very impressed. And many are surprised that Amazon didn't offer a more advantageous price point for consumers.» 4 Comments
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