• Notes From The Front On Netflix, Vine and Amazon
    The amazing failure that Netflix's red envelope business still, really, isn't; Rainn Wilson tries to make Vine stars into TV stars; Amazon Prime video debuts a second season of the overlooked "Alpha House."
  • Like To Skip Ads? Better Get Over It, Data From MediaRadar Says
    MediaRadar, which delivers analysis on over two million brands on its own cloud-based tool, spotted 2,707 brands advertising on on 125 sites (excluding YouTube) from January 2014 through August. Sports sites attracted 855 different brands and news sites snared 813.
  • Has Online Gone To War Against TV? Is 'TV Everywhere' Dying?
    Online video has a new momentum--almost like an unorganized marketing campaign. The landscape is quickly changing.
  • 26% Of All Online Viewing Happens With Mobile Devices, But Few Finish What They Start
    A new report from Adobe underscores why online video is quickly getting an even bigger seat at the content table, and why, if you peer long enough in the corners of this report, the Adobe Benchmark has anthropological weight. Things are changing, so fast, that it is nearly accurate to say every start up is already six months late.
  • Ooyala Snaps Up Videoplaza
    Telstra subsidiary Ooyala today acquired Videoplaza, the European-based ad serving and programmatic platform known for its Karbon brand, increasing Ooyala's worlwide footprint and giving Ooyala more in-house capacity.
  • Viral Ads Usually Are Viral For A Reason--They're Captivating
    Viral ads prove the point that some of the best content made is contained in commercials. Some very good video is selling something, and doing it so well, it's almost possible to forget the rest that stinks. Almost.
  • Now It Gets Interesting...CBS All Access The Latest Online Entrant
    One day after HBO announced it will launch a stand-alone HBO online service, CBS this morning premiered CBS All Access, an online service that lets viewers in 14 of the nation's biggest cities watch many past and present CBS series, and other content for $5.99 a month, and stream their local CBS station live. That is, without subscribing to cable.
  • HBO Will Launch Standalone Online Service That Doesn't Include Cable Sub
    HBO CEO Richard Plepler announced today at an investor presentation that HBO will finally begin selling a digital version sometime in 2015 that won't require you to first subscribe to HBO on cable. That's the way HBO Go works now.
  • Evolve's Campaign To Get You To Watch More Than 7.5 Seconds Of An Ad
    First Evolve Media introduced INgage, a video ad that appears within copy on Website, and goes away once you look at it or go past it. Today, Evolve is formally announcing INGlide, which is a similar solution, except in this case, the ad window pops up to the side of the copy.
  • Auto Videos Don't Move YouTubers! But Vloggers Sell Mascara! And What The Hell Is Kinder Surprise?
    Tubular Labs studied 160 million video users over a year-long period (September 2013-September 2014) and found fascinating insights about who's watching what kind of advertising, and what's engaging viewers (and not). For example, have you ever heard of Kinder candy?
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