• Longer Is Better: 'Great Big Story' Expands
    Great Big Story, the video content site started as a separate business unit by CNN a year ago, has now expanded to include much longer pieces, like "The Hard Ship" which recently debuted.
  • I Clicked On Clickbait. You Won't Believe What Happened Next.
    If Websites have a credibility problem, it's not a sudden development. Clickbait was an early warning sign of big trouble ahead.
  • Now You Can Watch Some Netflix Offline
    The big online content provider announced that a good handful of its content will be available offline to be watched later, perfect for fliers, subway patrons and people in countries with spotty Internet to begin with.
  • DirecTV Now Ready, With Lots Of Plans
    The new DirectTV Now pay service starting today is a frontal attack on the cable subscriber.
  • CNN Buys Beme To Get To Neistat's Next Ideas
    The existing Beme user generated video app goes away at the end of January. The new CNN-backed project that grows from it will be a separate free-standing company that will come back with a product by the middle of next year.
  • The Attack Of The Skinny Bundles
    The OTT cord-cutting opportunities abound right about now, with DirectTV and Hulu adding new competition. It's time to trim
  • Moat Introduces A New 'Score'
    The new Moat Video Score starts counting online ads a they are seen and heard and counts by how much of the screen the ad occupies. Then it assigns the ad a rating from 1 to 100. That seems to make it easy.
  • Say It With Live Video, Especially If It's Nothing Much
    Most of the examples of live video Facebook and Instagram show seem deliberately ordinary and un-"live" worthy
  • In The Wake Of Fake: New Life For Mainstream Media
    Probably for a decade, a reference to mainstream news was a slur. Now, is there a chance to re-establish the establishment?
  • Amazon Going Around The World; Will The World Know It?
    Amazon soon will be pushing its video service into 200 countries, creating a deep-pocketed competitor for Netflix which has a head start forging its global footprint.
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