• Live Video Is All Over The Place, And Growing
    UBS also says 63% of millennials have watched a live video. Increasingly, Facebook is the place many of us are doing it.
  • For Netflix, There's Just A World Of Opportunity
    Netflix started streaming long before it was cool. Now it dominates the U.S. with sheer numbers and loyalty. The world awaits...
  • Crackle, Snapped: 'Comedians In Cars' Drives To Netflix
    Sony's Crackle seems to have lost its best reason to exist. Netflix announced on Tuesday that it will snap up "Comedians/Cars," new and old, and as part of the deal, Jerry Seinfeld will also produce two stand-up comedy specials and develop other projects.
  • Hail To President Uber?
    A MediaPost political marketing conference asks the question: How is President-elect Donald Trump like all the other disruptive brands that upended segments of the market? He spotted a gap and filled it.
  • Such A Deal! Fox Will Sell Digital-Only Super Bowl Ads
    Fox is selling digital-only ads for this year's Super Bowl for $700,000 per .30. Even in the nonsensical price structure of Super Bowl ads, does this make sense?
  • Super Bowl Loses Laughs, Not A Good Sign
    The ads during last season's Super Bowl ads were major downers, and sharing Super Bowl ads took a nosedive. Can big spenders get with it this year?
  • A Dude Splits: Whistle Sports Exec Selander Joins VC Group
    Brian Selander, Whistle Sports executive vice president, is leaving to become the entrepreneur in residence for SeventySix Capital, the sports platform's first VC backer.
  • New Hulu Service Wants To Know All About You
    Before new Hulu customers for its expanded streaming service gets to start watching, they're going to have to answer some questions.
  • New Tool Lets Firms Personalize Videos, Watch Who's Watching
    A new business video product, ViewedIt Enterprise, lets a business easily create a personalized video and pinpointed information--and monitor the views
  • Who Watches What On Netflix, State By State
    Netflix is notoriously careful with its viewer stats, but a Web site has put together some data suggesting what people in all 50 states will watch when they spend a night chilling. P.S. "Scandal" reruns are big.
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