• VR Is A Loner In A Social World
    Virtual reality videos are awesome, but you sort have to take my word for it. VR headsets make viewing a solitary experience.
  • Let The Skinny Wars Commence!
    By next year, consumers will have their choice of Web-delivered TV services. The major feature will be the lack of options, a low price tag and presumably, the lack of a contract.
  • Trump's Vanishing Entertainment Value
    He's still dangerous and obnoxious but some charts at Young & Rubicam suggest Trump's just gotten boring.
  • Digital Video Advertising's Perception Gap
    Digital video does as good a job selling as it does building brand awareness. Many marketers believe that. Most still don't.
  • Nielsen's Social Content Ratings Debut
    Nielsen's data dump makes good on a promise in January to include Facebook info, which turned the once-titled Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings into Nielsen's Social Content Ratings.
  • Are We Too Critical Of Tech, Or Not Tough Enough?
    A Columbia's journalism school scholar looks at how tech writers' jobs have changed as the questions have changed. The same thing must be true with the people who create and market the innovations.
  • Signs That The Digital Sky Is Falling
    A new report from Moffett Nathanson points out desktop Internet use is slowing and the growth of smartphones has about topped out and most of us only use a handful of apps. Add it all up. . .
  • 'Trump Video' Searches Soared
    Data from Hitwise shows the value of scandal. While millions live streamed the second debate, many millions also searched for the Trump video, and the down and dirty on Bill Clinton.
  • Fear And Anger Are In Quite A Race
    Unruly, the ad tech firm, looks at how we react to two commercials for Trump and Clinton. The words that come to mind: contempt, disgust, anger, fear.
  • Beauty & The Beers: Craft Brew Debuts 360 Degree Videos
    Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon celebrates the natural beauty of the place on its bottle labels. They make effective virtual reality-like videos too.
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