• AT&T, Fullscreen Will Meet Again At Hello Lab
    AT&T today announced Hello Lab, a year-long branding project that it will coordinate with Fullscreen and a gang of social media influencers.
  • Short Subjects At Work
    Twitter will now show up with a video at the top; and Instagram offers a drama told in 15-second bursts. Both are hard to miss. I guess.
  • Visible Measures Makes A Bold Ad Guarantee
    Visible Measures' new ScrollView solution guarantees viewability -- of the entire ad.
  • This Year's Super Bowl Ads: Not Share Worthy
    The top 10 Super Bowl ads have been shared 2.9 million times so far, a "significant decrease" (down 36%) from last year, says ad tech firm Unruly. What's up with that?
  • The Wrongest Yard: NFL 2016 Streaming Package
    The NFL will soon name streaming partners for a batch of Thursday night games next season. Expect some digital giant to overpay, wildly
  • Will Streaming Kill The Super Bowl Ad?
    An Adobe survey says young viewers are 3.5 time more likely to watch the big game on a digital device. And as the audience for the game spreads out, someday it could kill the big showy Super Bowl ad aimed at the TV masses.
  • In Super Bowl Ads, Celebrities Often Don't Cut It
    Nielsen biometric research going back to the 2008 Super Bowl reveals that only a third of the ads featuring celebs either on screen or as voice overs get above average scores from viewers hooked up to gauge their emotional reactions.
  • Fine Bros Get A Rude Reaction To 'React World'
    The YouTuber announced React World, inviting other "react" creators to license with them. They got a bad reaction to that idea. Very bad.
  • Better Measurement: It's A Give And Take
    The now completed merger of comScore and Rentrak, and Nielsen's Total Audience Measurement technology promises accurate indications of who is watching what, and where and when and how. Consumers may love that -- or grow to loathe it.
  • Those Super Sticky Super Bowl Ads
    Super Bowl videos take a up a good size chunk of YouTube space, and have earned 2 billion views. A significant portion of those views are for Super Bowl ads,
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