• At Publishers' Confab, Viewability and Ad Blockers Are Front And Center
    Both of those hot-button items came up early and often during the opening sessions of MediaPost's Publishing Insider Summit, which began Monday at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, N.C.
  • $3B In Programmatic Video Spend in 2015, Says EMarketer
    Altogether programmatic ad buying of display ads will surpass traditional direct sales this year, accounting for about 3 out of every 5 digital dollars spent.
  • Get Some Content, Call It Premium
    Right now, the buzz phrase is "premium content." Defining it has gotten even more elastic as more clients demand it.
  • UPDATE: A Surprising Number of Cord-Nevers
    Forrester Research says that 24% of Americans don't subscribe to a pay TV service, and 18% of them are cord-nevers.
  • Why Ad Blockers Could Win the 2016 Election
    Viewers and voters can't do anything about the nauseating political ads that will fill TV airwaves pretty soon. But to avoid the $1 billion aimed for online political spending, they can use ad blockers. Can you blame them?
  • Will Apple TV End Endless Search For Content?
    User interaction with OTT services is still primitive and not very user-friendly. Apple TV aims to change that with a good universal search that will tell you what's where,
  • Quick! Let's Go To YouTube To Watch...Old Ads
    Visible Measures says when new ad campaigns start, that means a big bump up in YouTube views for a brand's existing ads.
  • Measurement Miscues Abound, Poltrack Says
    The CBS research chief, speaking at Advertising Week on Wednesday, said this may be the media industry's greatest period of waste ever. Poltrack complains that the shorthand -- "millennials don't watch TV" -- is sometimes fortified by dubious sleight-of-hand stats. Advertisers are shucking "reliable, consistent metrics" for digital massages.
  • Zefr's Brand ID Suite Matches Up YouTube Users
    BrandID Suite will not only identify the right videos for brands to advertise in, but will present those ads at the right time to the right people. At an Advertising Week panel, "Every Second Counts: How 'Moments' Are Reshaping Marketing," the topic was grabbing the consumer at just the right time.
  • Mobile Is The Future! (Or Maybe Just The Present)
    Virtually every panel at Advertising Week gets down to being about the future of mobile -- although the present seems confusing enough.
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