Josh Koppel

ScrollMotion CEO

Responsible for the creative direction of the company, Josh Koppel has driven ScrollMotion’s technology development with the singular mission of transforming the art and culture of print into highly interactive and engaging digital media. Drawing on a multimedia background that has included extensive broadcast, film, digital and print media production for brands such as Comedy Central, MTV and Wal-Mart, Mr. Koppel brings a clear and experienced vision to ScrollMotion’s leadership and product development teams. Previously, Mr. Koppel was co-founder of Tunebooks, a digital music packaging company that was adopted by Apple in the iTunes music store as the industry standard for digital music collateral. ScrollMotion takes its name from Mr. Koppel’s work developing scrollable media for the first generation iPod. Mr. Koppel earned a BS in English and Art from Amherst College.

Meet Josh at:

Panel: When Out-of-Home Thinks Out-of-the-Box
Date/Time: 3:15 PM

Augmented reality, facial recognition, projection technologies that can create new media inventory literally out of thin air ... out-of-home has always been the trailblazer of the media future, making science fiction become scientific fact. This panel will feature some of the industry’s leading futurists to explain how new technologies ranging from near field communications to Google Goggles to  Microsoft Kinect are transforming how consumers experience brands in OOH locations, and what might come after that.

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