Jordan Greene

Mella Media Partner/Mobile Media

Jordan Greene continues to be on the forefront of this evolution of digital marketing, with over 20 years entrenched in mobile. He brings elite level expertise and hands-on experience to Mella Media’s engagements for each client to maximize their brand’s impact on consumers and apply new technological and data possibilities. In balancing business goals against digital aspiration, Jordan leads the mobile division to deliver sophisticated customer engagement strategies and distinctively persuasive campaigns. Clients including IDT Telecom, Johnson & Johnson, Publishers Clearing House, Kochava, and Madison Square Garden benefit from his unique insight and tactical agility.

Meet Jordan at:

Panel: The New Customer Journeys and the Retailization of Healthcare Advertising
Date/Time: 9:15 AM
The digitally empowered customer journey has been the fundamental game-changer for every category of the healthcare industry: pharma, insurance, hospitals, assisted living, even devices. How has this great disruption already altered the ways in which these longstanding institutions and their marketing organizations locate and talk to their customers. How has the so-called "retailization" of healthcare changed the media plan? Where are the budgets headed? Can the latest targeting and segmentation technology help personalize and humanize healthcare advertising?

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