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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
  • Sony Launching AI-Powered Ride-Hailing Service

    Sony plans to launch a ride-hailing service using artificial intelligence to manage demand. The service will include six Japanese taxi companies, with 10,000 vehicles, ... Read the whole story

  • Smart Communities: Streamlining For The Future

    Imagine the scene: It's a Saturday night, and you're having friends over for dinner. You're excited, but it's been a busy week, and you ... Read the whole story

  • Blockchain Legislation Comes To Wyoming

    As the ad industry moves to adopt blockchain, MetaX CRO Alanna Gombert says it needs guidance and laws on the books to prevent chaos. ... Read the whole story

  • Intel Documents Athletes, Events With Its VR Technology

    As part of its marketing effort during the ongoing Winter games, Olympics sponsor Intel has created a docuseries that profiles the journeys of four ... Read the whole story

  • Google Combines Payment Systems, Will Cryptocurrency Follow?

    The rollout of Google Pay began Tuesday. The new app for Android combines Android Pay and Google Wallet into one service. The new payment ... Read the whole story

  • Digital Tactics To Love

    Committing to specific digital tactics can be difficult for marketers. There are so many different approaches that it can be tempting to continuously search ... Read the whole story