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Friday, February 14, 2020
  • Study: Average IoT Salary $112,00

    The average annual salary of workers involved in the Internet of Things is $112,000, according to a new survey conducted by IoT World Today. ... Read the whole story

  • Algorithms Are Ruining Everything: The Bleak Future Of Social Media

    Much research has been done on how social platforms hook people in, using persuasive design and algorithms to build the perfect addiction. Read the whole story

  • Boris Plays Nice With US Tech Giants On Regulation

    No more talk of bosses going to jail -- just the Ofcom appointment we were all expecting. Read the whole story

  • New Chancellor Faces A Taxing Question On Tech Giants

    As Zuckerberg publicly accepts incoming OECD rules, surely the Digital Services Tax is a goner? Read the whole story

  • Attackers Exploit Coronavirus In Phishing Emails

    The emails deliver new forms of malware, while spreading conspiracy theories about governments withholding a cure, Proofpoint reports. Read the whole story