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SEO Snake Oil Salesman

Mark Johnson has taken issue with an article referring to SEO as "snake oil," and wants to know how the columnist decided SEO doesn't work. Johnson doesn't name the magazine or the columnist, but a search on the quote he provides returns an article from John Dvorak at PC magazine. (Thank goodness for SEO.)

In fact, Dvorak incorrectly tried one aspect of SEO -- optimizing URL structures -- according to Johnson. "He screwed it up and then blames our industry?" he writes.

He then calls on his fellow SEO experts to show the PC reporter how it's done. "I suggest that each of you who have a blog or relevant Web site link to this column with the words 'SEO Snake Oil' in the anchor text," Johnson writes. "I want this post to serve some good. Perhaps we can get this to rank and show that SEO really works."



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