Email Helps Strengthen Tie To Consumers

email/william sonomaOver time, consumers who receive a retailer's permission-based email become more likely to do business with--and develop a more favorable opinion of--that company, according to new research from direct marketing agency Epsilon.

And while the deck is clearly stacked in favor of company-friendly consumers, the research still proves that email only strengthens bonds between the brand and consumer, according to Kevin Mabley, Epsilon's EVP of strategic services. "These are already hand-raisers--yes, but it's still encouraging to see that email is improving consumer-brand relationships," he said.

A full 56% of recipients of permission-based email from retail companies said they were more likely to make purchases from the sending retailers. Meanwhile, 52% said they had a more favorable opinion of the retail companies that send them email because of the communications they receive.



In addition, 48% of respondents reported feeling more loyal toward the retailers and their products as a result of receiving permission-based emails.

A clear majority--87%--of respondents who receive permission-based email from retail companies said email is a great way to learn about new products, while 63% of those who receive permission-based email from retail companies said they want to receive personalized content based on their Web site activity and past purchases.

What actions did respondents take as a result of receiving permission-based email from a retailer? About 88% reported downloading or printing coupons, while 79% clicked a link in an email to learn more about a particular service, product, or promotion.

Keeping in mind the skewed consumer sample, a staggering 75% of respondents reporting purchasing a product online as a result of permission-based email, while 67% reported purchasing a product offline.

"Those are very high numbers even when you consider the test sample," Mabley noted. "To see consumers following up offline says a lot about the strength of email."

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