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Finding Perfect SEO/PR Experts

The practice of requiring a jack-of-all-trades -- both PR and SEO -- has become more common as companies bring the SEO function in-house, but may not always prove the best solution for companies wanting to reduce budgets. "What makes a successful technical SEO isn't always the same talent as what makes someone successful at PR, copywriting, and marketing strategies," notes in-house SEO expert Jessica Bowman in an interview with poster Mark Jackson.

Jackson suggests putting together a team of experts who can support both SEO projects and public relations and marketing.. In the perfect scenario, you might have four to six people in your SEO department, he explains. The team would include a marketing-minded on-page person who gets your business and objectives, a technically minded SEO personwho knows the technical issues of Web sites, someone who can generate promotions and links, and a project manager to follow through on tasks.



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