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With Fewer Ad Breaks, Viewers Recall More TV Spots

Fox Broadcasting's move this season to offer the drama "Fringe" with limited commercial interruption is showing some success, with audiences showing better-than-average recall of the ads, according to a February survey by Magna Global.

Previous studies done by Fox with research firms Innerscope and IAG seem to support Magna's data, but those were based on "Fringe's" pilot episode, which was heavily promoted.

Magna Global selected a random sample out of 20,000 TiVo viewers. About 36% of those surveyed fast-forwarded past the ads. Some 10% of "Fringe" viewers correctly recalled at least one ad, which was nearly twice as a high a percentage as during any other Tuesday night drama. Asked if they saw the show's advertisers more or less favorably, 34% of the respondents said they saw them more favorably, and about 62% were neutral.



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