NetRadio Takes Top Spot

  • by January 30, 2001
By Anya Khait

According to the latest numbers from Arbitron Webcast Ratings, "Streamies" - online listeners and viewers of streaming media - spent more than 16 million hours listening to top webcast networks in October. That's good news for innovative advertisers ready to try the new medium.

"The amount of time that audiences spend listening online has grown significantly," said Joan FitzGerald, director of marketing and R&D at Arbitron Webcast Ratings. "We envision that a webcast channel will sell content through its network or even through a combination of webcasters, so that agencies and advertisers can target audiences of various channels."

According to the data, in October, NetRadio - - an Internet-only aggregator of online audio streamed by Akamai and iBeam Broadcasting, claimed the number one spot with more than 4.6 million aggregate tuning hours (ATH) - the sum total of all hours that listeners tune to a given station.

Following closely with more than 1.6 million monthly aggregate tuning hours is newcomer Live365 - - an Internet radio provider that enables consumers, terrestrial radio stations and organizations to create their own radio stations or listen to stations created by others.



The top ranked U.S. broadcast network that streams audio online was ABC Radio, streamed by RealBroadcast Networks. ABC Radio ranked number four with a monthly ATH of more than 1.7 million for both its station and network properties.

Here are the top 30, ranked by Aggregate Tuning Hours (ATH) and who streams them:

1. NetRadio - 4,638,500 ATH, Akamai, iBEAM Broadcasting

2. Global Media - 2,135,500 ATH, Activate, RealBroadcast Networks

3. ABC Radio - 1,761,100 ATH, RealBroadcast Networks

4. Live365 - 1,639,600 ATH, Live365

5. BroadcastAmerica - 1,339,300 ATH, RealBroadcast Networks

6. Enigma Digital - 496,800 ATH, Akamai

7. Corus Entertainment - 466,400 ATH, Activate

8. New Wave Broadcasting LP - 378,000 ATH, Activate, Global Media

9. Fisher Broadcasting - 311,400 ATH, Activate

10. - 298,800 ATH, Akamai

11. Citadel Communications - 293,800 ATH, BroadcastAmerica Corporation, RealBroadcast Networks

12. Classic Radio, Inc. - 242,500 ATH, RealBroadcast Networks

13. Bonneville Int'l Corp. - 229,900 ATH, Activate, Global Media

14. Scottish Media Group - 216,700 ATH, Ginger Online

15. Salem Communications Corp. - 192,500 ATH, Accelernet, RealBroadcast Networks

16. Pacific Lutheran University - 145,700 ATH, Activate

17. Standard Broadcasting - 144,200 ATH, Global Media, RealBroadcast Networks

18. CyberAxis - 142,200 ATH, SyncCast

19. House of Blues - 135,200 ATH, Akamai

20. Inner City Broadcasting - 131,300 ATH, Global Media, Corp. RealBroadcast Networks

21. Choice Radio - 120,200 ATH, iBEAM Broadcasting

22. Barnstable Broadcasting - 117,200 ATH, Activate, Global Media

23. CHUM Group - 116,400 ATH, Activate, Global Media


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