GM To Test Ad4Ever Technology

  • January 30, 2001
General Motors Corp. and Ad4ever have partnered to launch a new media pilot program to improving online advertising effectiveness. GM and Ad4ever have entered into an exclusive agreement to test a new multi-media ad unit called TopLayer. GM is the first company in the world to test this technology. The Chevrolet and Pontiac-GMC divisions are leading the initiative, which features the Chevrolet Tahoe and Malibu and the Pontiac Aztek vehicles.

Ad4ever's TopLayer(TM) technology allows marketers to deliver a new kind of interactive online advertising via online ads that appear to the user as interactive, animated objects on a transparent layer above a conventional website. The ads are non-intrusive, lasting from five to seven seconds before disappearing from the middle of the viewer's computer monitor. People may choose to interact with the ad to obtain more information about the Tahoe, Malibu, or Aztek without leaving the sponsored website.

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