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Gaining Site Architecture Benefits

Planning a Web site's architecture isn't always the most interesting task when optimizing a site, but Stoney deGeyter calls it "important." In the post, deGeyter answers some questions recently asked on the topic of navigation, site structure, site maps and pages site.

When asked if the length of Web pages affects indexing and download times, he explains that while there isn't a rule, it may make it more difficult for search engines if there's more code than content on the page.

"Large pages with lots of content generally won't be a problem, but if the content to code ration is skewed too far toward code, then that represents an issue that's worth fixing," he writes. "If too many of these pages exist on your site then it's highly likely that many of your pages won't get fully spidered and/or many pages of your site could be left out of the index."



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