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It's Like Google Put A Gun To My Head

Lisa Barone tired to ignore the launch of Google Profiles that has created lots of buzz across the blogosphere because she found the idea of "gift wrapping your online thumbprint and then hand delivering it to Google completely absurd." In fact, Barone believes the promo ad for the feature that pops up when you do a vanity search in Google is downright creepy.

"They're connecting MY NAME with MY SEARCH and using it against ME," Barone writes. "Do I get that box if I do a search for someone else's name - my brother's, Rhea's, various boys that I religiously stalk - no, I don't. I only get Google whispering in my ear to try their devil cookie if I do search for me. This isn't Say Anything and you're not John Cusack. You can't play your music and expect me to fall in love with you. Back off, Google."



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