"One-Stop-Shopping" for Cable Time

  • January 25, 2001
Time Warner Communications, Columbus Division, and Insight Communications have formed a "one-stop-shop" Interconnect Agreement that aims to provide maximum coverage, convenience and efficiency to local, regional and national advertisers. "It just makes sense to simplify the process when you consider that the viewership on the ad supported cable networks has grown dramatically over the past few years," said Bill Gilbert, Insight VP of Ad Sales, who will represent Insight on the Governing Board. According to the agreement, beginning January 29, the advertising community will be able to reach nearly 400,000 cable households throughout 19 counties, including the majority of the Columbus DMA and extending to homes in Athens and Zanesville. According to the announcement, advertisers will be able to work with a single office to buy media time on 30 cable networks in the entire region or by targeted geographic zones, and have access to nearly 68% of the cable households in the Columbus DMA and 81% of the cable households in the six-county greater Columbus metropolitan area.
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