Study - 55% Of World's Web Traffic Non-US

  • by January 25, 2001
Well over half of the world's Web surfers are outside the United States, and the US share will continue shrinking as the planet embraces the Net, according to a study released yesterday.

WebSideStory, Inc. (, a provider of real-time Internet intelligence for e-business, reported that non-U.S. Web surfers account for 54.98% of all Web traffic worldwide. Germany accounted for the largest majority of non-U.S. Web surfers in the sample with 5.56% as of Jan. 16, 2001.

Canada was next with 5%, followed by South Korea (4.57%), and Japan (4.35%). The U.S. accounted for 45.02% of all global Web traffic, StatMarket reported.

"I'm not too surprised that the US isn't accounting for a majority of Web (traffic) anymore. The world is more wired now," said Geoff JohnstonVP of product marketing for StatMarket.

"This is a wake up call to businesses that have thought about adopting a global Internet strategy, but have yet to implement one," he said. "Although the U.S. still accounts for a significant portion of Web traffic, we expect that percentage to continue shrinking as more people come online."

StatMarket monitored 200,000 Web sites and used visitors' Internet service providers (ISP) to determine what country they were in. "We did it by the extension that they were surfing from," Johnson said.



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