WebTV Subscribers Respond to Interactive Ads Without Connecting to the Internet

  • January 23, 2001
Subscribers to the WebTV Plus service soon will be able to order products or request free information from interactive advertisers without interrupting their television viewing, it was announced today at NATPE 2001 by Joe Poletto, vice president of the Network Media Group at Microsoft WebTV Networks, Inc.

This technology will provide a convenient and completely nondistracting method for viewers to respond directly to advertising. The new capability will be part of a software upgrade available to all subscribers to WebTV Plus in February.

Developed with Wink Communications technology, the software upgrade allows subscribers to create a secure wallet that stores essential ordering information such as name, address and credit card information on their hard drive. It also includes a deferred response capability. This combination allows viewers to make a quick, immediate response to the ad. The cached ordering information is then relayed over a secure system at off hours rather than while the viewer is watching television, allowing for a completely offline experience.



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