Most Holiday Shoppers Bought From a Select Few e-Retailers

  • January 22, 2001
While billions of dollars were spent online this past holiday season, U.S. consumers spent most of this money at a small number of websites, according to a new survey by Gartner Group, Inc.

Eighty-seven percent of the consumers who bought on the Web told Gartner they spent their holiday gift dollars at a maximum of three different retailers' sites. was the most dominant purchasing site, with over a quarter of all buyers (28%) purchasing at least some gifts there. No other site attracted even half as many buyers.

Gartner's survey showed that nearly 25 million American consumers bought gifts online this past holiday season. The results of the survey showed these consumers spent nearly $6.2 billion online for holiday gifts.

The idea of shopping at a "cybermall" was not as prevalent in the survey results by Gartner. When asked, 70% of online gift buyers stated that they generally had a particular item or product in mind when they went online to buy. Twenty-two percent of online gift buyers said that they generally browsed a variety of sources without a specific item in mind.



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