Appssavvy Adds Social App Clients

  • May 11, 2009
Appssavvy, which connects brands and agencies with application developers, has announced new partnerships with six prominent social media developers.

They include Circle of Moms; LivingSocial, which currently has the most popular Facebook app; game developer Zynga; Serious Business, maker of the "Friends For Sale," "Rock Legends" and "Happy Hour" apps; Poolhouse, creator of pet app Dogbook; and Where I've Been, maker of a popular travel app of the same name.

Under the agreements, New York-based appssavvy will exclusively handle direct sales for each of the apps. Outside the biggest app developers such as Slide and RockYou, most don't have internal sales teams pitching their wares to advertisers or agencies. That's where appssavvy comes in, linking brands, developers and Web publishers.

The startup last fall announced raised $3.1 million in first-round venture financing led by True Ventures, and including existing investor Scott Kurnit, cofounder of --Mark Walsh



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