BURST! Media to Offer Geo-Targeting Services

  • March 19, 2001
BURST! Media, the online advertising network for specialty-content web publishers, today launched its geo-targeting capability. BURST! has partnered with Akamai Technologies, a premier content delivery service provider with more than 8,000 servers deployed in 55 countries, to enable the feature.

Geo-targeting is the ability to deliver advertising messages to web site visitors in a specific geographic area, as broad as a country or as narrow as a Designated Market Area (DMA), and allows advertisers to promote different products in different regions. Geo-targeted advertising campaigns allow advertisers to deliver highly relevant product or brand messages to audiences in pre-selected geographical areas. For example, a U.S. automobile manufacturer might want to market a convertible to young adults in the Southwest, while promoting its 4-wheel-drive vehicle to people in the Northeast.

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