Affiliates VS Locals

  • by March 1, 2001
Affiliates VS Locals

In a recent release of a syndicated survey of both online and traditional media in more than 80 U.S. markets by The Media Audit, they report that some television network affiliates are proving they can compete with daily newspaper web sites. "At least four network affiliate web sites have overtaken the daily newspapers in the communities they serve," says Bob Jordan, co-chairman of the research firm that produces The Media Audit.

In Cincinnati, Denver, Des Moines, and New Haven the web site of a local television affiliate has attracted a larger audience from their immediate market than the leading daily newspaper. In several other markets, including Raleigh/Durham and Nashville, the TV web sites are running a very close second.

TV station owners see what's happening. "They recognize that the web is a new business and a new revenue stream with an undefined potential, and that's sufficient to get their attention," says Jordon.

However, the 345 local television station web sites covered by the survey have attracted less than 4% of the adults in their market to their web sites. Only ten stations of the 345 have attracted more than 10% of the adults in their market.

- In 31 of the 81 markets covered in the survey, ABC affiliates lead all other network affiliates.
- In 30 of the 81 markets, NBC affiliates lead.
- A CBS affiliate leads in just 17 of the markets, but six of the twelve most successful television station web sites are CBS affiliates.
- WRAL in Raleigh/Durham, has a web site which leads all other affiliates in its local market and also in the Fayetteville, NC market.

The 12 most successful TV web sites, and the percent of adults they are attracting are:

- WRAL/Raleigh-Durham 19.4%
- WCPO, Cincinnati 15.8%
- KUSA, Denver 12.8%
- WTVF, Nashville 12.8%
- WCCO, Minneapolis
-St. Paul 11.5%
- WIS, Columbia, SC 10.9%
- KWTV, Oklahoma City 10.9%
- KTVB, Boise 10.7%
- KCCI, Des Moines 10.5%
- KVUE, Austin 9.9%
- WRAL, Fayetteville, NC 9.8%
- KXLY, Spokane 9.7%

TV stations see the value of the convergence that is possible between TV news and station web site. Stations alert their web registrants to breaking news on their news programs and offer more complete coverage on their web site. "This may be an area where broadcasters have a distinct advantage over daily newspapers," says Jordan.

The audiences attracted to the TV web sites are also very appealing.
- college grads, 18 to 34
- college grads, 25 to 44

Jordan sees the local web media becoming a viable and profitable advertising medium in the very near future. Approximately 45 to 50% of local television buys are actually national spot buys made by national advertisers who want to beef up their network buys in selected markets. National advertisers will, at some point, make spot buys on local media web sites

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