DoubleClick Axes 10%

  • by March 21, 2001
By Adam Bernard

DoubleClick, the digital marketing solutions company, will be reducing its global workforce by 10%. The majority of this reduction will affect its global media business, and DoubleClick says this is due to restructuring in the company.

DoubleClick has been having a few troubles outside of the U.S. recently, closing offices in Brazil, and Australia, and this 10% layoff shows that even DoubleClick is starting to feel the effects of the slumping advertising market.

That's the same slump that hit DoubleClick competitors Engage and 24/7 Media a few months earlier. In January, Engage laid off 550 people, or about 50% of its workforce, and in December 24/7 Media laid off several hundred people.

"Given today's market conditions, we have determined that this strategy is the best way to service our web publishers as well as advertiser clients," said Barry Salzman, President of Global Media, DoubleClick. "Our goal in this realignment is to leverage our media sales force more efficiently as well as improve client service levels with a dedicated senior level team focused on key sites and advertisers."



In the United States, DoubleClick Media will now offer two distinct Networks, one focusing on branded sites, and the other on audience reach and targeting.

The "DoubleClick Brand Network" will have sites that are recognized media brands that have a significant amount of traffic and marketable inventory, while the "DoubleClick Audience Network" will offer content specific vertical categories combined with an emphasis on reach, targeting and optimization. DoubleClick will have one media sales force that will sell both of its Network offerings.

Outside of the United States, DoubleClick's media structure will not change, and will continue to offer Networks of local content in each country.

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