Confirmation Is Reassuring

  • by March 22, 2001
Confirmation Is Reassuring

A new study conducted by PhaseOne Communications in conjunction with the Advertising Council, New York, describes a four-component pyramid model, providing a set of standards and effective practices for the design of banner advertisements. The study, "Secrets of Highly Clickable Banners," concludes that a banner ad that adheres to these four significant components will experience a much higher incidence of user click-through:

- drawing the eye

- engaging the mind

- creating a desire for more

- facilitating action

In order to encourage a viewer to click on an ad banner it must draw the viewer's eyes away from the Web page and to the banner. PhaseOne found that the most effective method is the utilization of motion or animation. Of 93 Web banners analyzed, only one in the top click-through group was static, while 35 % of the least clicked group were motionless.

Study results indicate that 82 % of ads that receive high levels of click-through promise a relevant benefit. Less than half of the ads with the lowest level of clickthrough, offer a benefit.

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