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Google Can't Be Happy Chrome Ad Blocker

Google's Web browser will soon enable users to do something the search giant can't be too happy about, says the Los Angeles Times' Mark Milian: block online ads. Google, which makes 99.9% of its revenue from online advertising, recently made an API available to third party developers in the hope that they would create powerful extensions to Chrome. Adsweep, which hides advertising on Web pages, is one such extension.

Asked for a comment, Google replied with a statement: "We are designing Google Chrome's extensions to be flexible enough to support all different types of features, and we are encouraged by the development that we've seen in this area so far."

"I don't think this really puts a dent into Google's revenue," AdSweep developer Charles-Andre Landemaine told the Times in an email. "There are so few users of Chrome, let alone AdSweep, so the loss of revenue for Google is peanuts, really."



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