Coffee is Good, But DSL is Swell

  • by April 6, 2001
Coffee is Good, But DSL is Swell

In a new "Broadband Watch" survey sponsored by SBC Communications, DSL users admit that they would rather sacrifice:

- their morning coffee (63%),
- newspaper (78%),
- radio (74%) and
- cable TV (59%)
before giving up their DSL service.

DSL customers are spending an average of 25 hours online and 93 % of consumers surveyed say that broadband/DSL has improved their efficiency using the Internet. Additionally, 92 percent of DSL customers say they're satisfied with their online experience, compared to 57 percent when they had a dial-up connection.

Additionally, the survey found DSL customers are hungry for future applications, including video conferencing, distance learning and video-on-demand.

Michael Grasso, Executive Director, Consumer DSL, SBC, "Once users experience broadband, they become so hooked that they don't want to go back. Our customers are finding that the service is playing an integral role in their households and in how they live, work and play."

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