BlackBerry, Glee and Blink?

A few things worth noting, some newer than others due to my hiatus. I encourage your comments below!

  • Fox's GLEE left me intrigued. In fact, a larger number of my friends who saw the pilot say they were impressed. I'm eager to watch in the Fall. To be fair, I started to watch the OC back in 2003 and quickly lost interest. Oh - yea.. I couldn't help but download "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Rehab" from iTunes. Shhhhh!

  • Blink-182 back together? I'm excited. I'm even more excited after reading Mark's tweets. This man knows how to create a buzz with some loyal fans.

  • Verizon's BlackBerry Storm firmware push has done wonders for my productivity. While the Storm 2.0 sounds exciting, I'll be irritated as hell if RIM/VZW stop pushing releases to the baby. (Apple, what?)

  • Speaking of BlackBerry, the revised Facebook application release back in April had lots of promise... But its calendar feature completely trashed my phone's calendar, and was mere minutes from syncing that chaos with my Google Calendar. After doing some message board searches, I wasn't alone. I had to do some work to get my calendar back to normal. The application remains uninstalled on my phone, though the 1.6 version may get a run sometime soon.

  • "The Hangover" is almost worth seeing twice in theaters. "Bruno" looks to be just as good. Anything else just doesn't seem to be attractive.

  • Hulu's desktop application is a gift from the video gods. It works awesome with my laptop's Bluetooth remote.

  • It's been around for some time, but is now a favorite and arguably productive time suck for me. While I've used Bank of America's MyPortfolio feature, Mint's Web 2.0 niceities and ease of use lead me to use it way more often than I ever used BoA's product.

  • has been allowed to monitor my computer program usage for the sake of ... monitoring my program usage. It's not done anything as practical as I thought it would have, such as reveal strong trends in my program use, etc.. The big hitters (33 hours last month on Firefox, followed by Digsby and Microsoft Word) are all exactly what I'd expect. If I could get a more hour-by-hour breakdown, it'd shed a lot more light for me.

  • As someone with a journalism degree and background, I agree with Jon Stewart's side of the argument in last week's MSNBC's Morning Joe Brewed by Starbucks debate. Sponsorship is one thing; The BS "I *heart* S'bucks" commentary is void of integrity and value. Then again, when's the last time cable news wasn't void of integrity and value? Curse you 24 hours -- it's just too much to fill with legitimate information!
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