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Jackson Scoops Put TMZ On Map

  • B&C, Monday, June 29, 2009 10:50 AM
TMZ's scoops on the death of "King of Pop" Michael Jackson this week may mark a turning point in the brand's place in the news media landscape. Usually obsessed with tabloid trash, TMZ trounced all news rivals on the Michael Jackson story.

While TMZ's Jackson reports are only the latest in a long line of celebrity-related scoops, the outfit's reports on the pop star's death showed its news team's prowess. TMZ was not only first to report on Jackson's hospitalization, death and cause of death--parts of a story that every major news outlet wound up chasing--it also got the details of his death precise out of the box.

Many news outlets opted to source reports from more traditional sources, particularly the Los Angeles Times, rather than rely on TMZ.



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