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Bill's Favorite Travel Site

In a departure from analyzing a patent filed by Microsoft, Google or Yahoo, Bill Slawski tells us about his favorite travel site -- apparently one filled with descriptive details rather than a focus on price: "the word 'sale' doesn't show up once," he writes. There's also "no keyword stuffing of page titles or headings or content."

No, he won't tell us exactly which site it is, beyond noting that its focus is apartments in a charming city; "I don't want you to book one of the apartments before I do," he writes. Still,in describing all the site's plusses, Slawski creates a kind of inspirational primer for those looking to optimize content. For example, "My favorite travel site doesn't include top 20 lists, press releases, legal disclaimers written in all capital letters. But it does have a Frequently Asked Questions section that might have been written by a warm and knowledgeable friend or relative."



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