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MillerCoors' HomeDraft System Fits Upright In The Icebox

MillerCoors is testing a 1.5-gallon, $20 "Home Draft" system for its Miller Lite and Coors Light brands in about a half-dozen cities, David Kesmodel reports. It's designed to fit upright into refrigerators for drinkers to pour an occasional glass rather than for keggers. The beer stays fresh for about 30 days, and the price per ounce is roughly 15% higher than for an 18-pack, MillerCoors says.

The recyclable product is targeted to the 30% of beer drinkers who say they prefer draft beer to a bottled or canned brew, according to MillerCoors CMO Andy England. "We're really trying to meet that occasion when you just got back from work and want to reward yourself," he says.

Such homespun innovations are, perhaps, further bad news for the global bar and pub industry. NPR's Vicki Barker reports this morning that an average of 52 pubs are closing in Britain each week. Pub owners blame high taxes on beer, less expensive alcohol sold at supermarkets and a ban on smoking.



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