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Comcast, Cox, Time Warner See Boost in 'Triple Play' Subs

Research commissioned by the NCTA shows that in 2008 almost a quarter of the cable subscriptions for Comcast, Time Warner and Cox were part of a "triple play" bundle of cable, Internet and phone. That percentage is more than double the 10.14% of subscribers who had triple play deals in 2007. The three cable operators are the largest in the country, accounting for two-thirds of all cable TV subscriptions.

The cable industry has valued the benefits of bundled voice, video and data to consumers at $35 billion a year. That number is a combination of "enormous cost savings, lower prices and enhancement in value to consumers" thanks to "vigorous" competition," NCTA told the FCC this week.

The trade association's study was commissioned from economists Michael Pelcovits and Abigail Ferguson of Microeconomic Consulting.



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